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Those of you who follow this blog for some time, know that I have spend the last two years struggling to raise funds to fix some serious health issues.

Maybe you’ve struggled with serious health problems, not being able to afford to pay the treatment, because it was not covered by insurance or healthcare. If the situation persists, it soon becomes a debilitating mental issue as well. You’re no longer thriving, but coping. You operate out of scarcity, doing your best to figure out how to pay for the next treatment, and the next, and the next.

There are days when you function solely on hope. Other days, it feels like you do not function at all.

Struggling to fix these issues, I am now in a tough spot. My laptop died on me last week, which is my only source of income. This blog, the books I sell, the programs on blogging, all of those are dependent on this piece of technology.

Not being able to be as productive as I’d like, not being able to afford to do so, it’s become almost depressing.

I have begun work on three different e-books, all of them aiming to provide valuable information and insight into blogging, writing, and self-publishing. I cannot move forward with these projects, because of the lack of a laptop. So I can design the covers, the interior formatting, all of that stuff. To be able to properly edit them, to work on them as to deliver the best possible product to you.

That being said, if you’d like to help me out with this issue by donating any amount you see fit via PayPal, I’ll be sending you e-book copies of said books once released. For any amount at all. Think of it as pre-ordering these titles, which in turn will ensure that I am able to release them.

If you wish to help me out, you can do so here.

Also, you can check out my e-store here.


9 thoughts on “Support the blog

  1. Don’t have the ability to help but I’m sending some serious prayers that your situation improves. I love your content and I’d hate for you to lose the interactions you get out of this blog. Bless you.

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  2. I completely understand cause I’m in the same boat. I’m struggling now cause I can’t afford my next round of meds for this month. I’m 2 steps away from begging on the street. I pray things work out for you dear. Illness is hard enough without the stress of figuring out how to survive.

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