Dark Social is Dangerous

Gareth Roberts

Dark social — we can’t see it and don’t know what it is, but it’s here. And we should fear it.

It’s shocking.

As publishers, bloggers and writers, we don’t know squat about dark social.

It’s true, I don’t!

Okay. Back to the beginning.

Dark social refers to shared content that isn’t tracked.

We can see if our stuff has been posted on social media platforms because we can see we’ve been sent referral traffic via those platforms.

Google Analytics tells us this.

But if those links are shared via other social channels: Email, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. and people click through, we don’t get told.

It’s registered as normal traffic, labelled as direct traffic.

So we don’t know that those links have been shared between people.

We’re in the dark.

Dig deeper and it becomes a bigger problem.

75% of all online referrals in the UK come…

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