Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I know your time is valuable. The most important commodity in the world, the one you’ll never get back once spent, so this won’t take long.

Quite frankly, just reading these words, being a part of this community, these are the things that I cherish more than anything else.

But there’s something that I’d like to tell you about. I will do so in the most clear and concise manner possible, because I do not want to waste your time, nor insult your intelligence.

You are probably bombarded every day with things that ask for your attention, your time, your money…

You’ve undoubtedly “heard everything” by now in terms of promises and premiums. I won’t try to top any of them. It’s not my style to promise the moon and the stars, when I myself can only jump a few inches from the ground.

The offer I’m about to present is a “help me help you” sort of thing. What I am offering won’t get you rich quick. You won’t blow people’s minds with wise insights. It won’t make you taller. But it won’t make you shorter either. You’ll stay pretty much the same.

But you will better understand the forces that shape one’s perception of the written word. You will better understand the factors that influence one’s success as a writer and blogger.

And should you attain great success in those areas, you’ll have your own ability and hard work to thank for it!

In what way, then, helping me can benefit you?

The answer depends on what type of person you happen to be. If you’re not curious about what’s going on outside your immediate daily range of concerns… if you are quickly bored when the topic of conversation shifts from your house, your car, your ambitions… if you couldn’t care less about stepping outside your comfort zone to become better day after day, then helping me can’t do a thing for you!

If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of individual who is well aware that life is more than just your immediate reality, if you’re genuinely interested in gaining as much insight as possible into various aspects of life from as much people as possible,

then helping me may well be the smartest small investment you could make this year.

As you are probably well aware of by now, I am in a tough situation. My only current means of keeping up with this blog is a smartphone. And it’s not very smart either. Oh, and almost every day I hijack a friend’s laptop to write most of the content you read here on any given day. I bribe him in coffee, because that’s his drug of choice. And because it’s cheap.

Thankfully, I have managed to save some cash, mostly from selling e-books, different products, and from people like you who were kind enough to donate to my cause.

I have calculated that I am currently about $400 from being able to afford the piece of technology that will make the following possible:

  • An e-book on blogging, done my way. About the art of blogging, offering the kind of insight that is not to be found anywhere. No generic tips and tricks here. We’re talking about becoming great at blogging, not good enough. This e-book needs to be properly edited, formatted, a fantastic cover designed to make it appealing.
  • Several other short e-books I plan on offering as free downloads, so as many people as possible can benefit from reading them.
  • More posts, better posts. Graphic intensive posts that I cannot work on at the moment. More posts on art and culture on irevuo.
  • More fiction, both in terms of short stories to be released for free on, but also novels, novellas, and the occasional “no one knows what this is but let’s call it a micro-novel.”

If you believe you have to gain from the type of content I share on my blogs, then I recommend you read further. If not, then I am sorry for having wasted about two and half minutes of your time.

I am offering special perks for those who contribute to my cause, thus ensuring that I can create for a long time to come:

$25 – A sponsored post – your blog/website will be mentioned at the end of one of the posts on this blog. An interesting bio, a call for action, links to relevant social media outlets if you choose so.

$50 – A sponsored post and a signed paperback copy of one of my books ( of your choosing).

$75 – All the previous perks, and also a one hour long one-on-one coaching session on blogging/writing/self-publishing with me done via Skype.

$100 – All the previous perks, and also detailed feedback about your blog, with pointers and advice on what should be changed, detailing every aspect from the content itself to the visual layout.

$200 – All the previous perks, and you’ll also be mentioned as sponsor for an entire year in the sidebar of this blog. You will also be receiving two sponsored posts, instead of one.

If you are able and willing to contribute the $400 that are required, then on top of the perks listed at the $200 level, you’ll also be having a sponsored post go live every month for an entire year.

This is how you can help me help you.

If you wish to help me and take advantage of any of these perks, you can do so via PayPal here.

Thank you for your time,



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