How to Stop Being “The Invisible Blogger”

Have you ever felt like the invisible blogger?

You work hard on your posts, pouring every ounce of emotion, creativity, and insight you have into them. You select the best photos and graphics to go with them, submit your blogs to various outlets, share them on social media, do your best to network with fellow bloggers.

But it’s like no one even sees you.

Other bloggers ignore you, your social media pages resemble barren wastelands. None of the few people who do visit your leave you a comment, telling you to keep going, to thank you for doing such a great job.

It’s like you’re invisible… and you wonder if there’s anything you can do about it.

Well, the good news is, yes, of course there’s something you can do about it. And this post is going to do just that: provide you with tips and tactics that will have you reaching new highs in terms of traffic and engagement.

Do not be boring

What is it that makes our education system to be considered so boring?


As a matter of fact, very few teenagers like to go to school. They’d rather be doing just about anything else, and it’s not because they’re lazy, but because school is both overwhelming and boring.

You’re forced to spend the entire day learning stuff you couldn’t care less about.

Are you the teacher? Are you one of those teachers that no one ever liked?

Yes, it’s information that people want. And not just valuable information, but presented in such a way that is also considered entertainment.

It’s fun and informative. That’s what most people would say about their favorite blog.

Now, be honest. Are you the teacher? Are you a bit too serious? All work and no play? Are you forcing us to read thousands of words of information we don’t want to know about?

Why Do People Read Blogs?

People read blogs for a lot of reasons, but it mostly comes down to three main reasons:

  1. To be informed: they want to know stuff, to learn a particular skill, to gain insight.
  2. To be entertained: they want to smile or laugh; to feel something. Emotions are at the foundation of 99.99% of what we do in our day to day lives
  3. To connect: they want to find like-minded individuals and network with them, to share ideas and thoughts and experiences.

But there’s also a fourth reasons: blogs are a form of escape. Something to avoid boredom, an excuse to procrastinate, to forget about the fact that we are adults for a while.

After all, how many of you are reading this post from your workplace? Aren’t you supposed to be working?

A great blog provides all of it: allows us to avoid the responsibilities of adult life, while learning a thing or two, laughing at some witty remark, and being able to discuss our thoughts on different topics with other people.

Why are you invisible?

Most likely, because you think that you’re supposed to become a teacher, when in reality, that’s just a small part of being a blogger.

Your main job is to capture your reader’s attention, and to do that, you need to entertain them, to make them feel something.

That’s why writing about what you’re passionate about is crucial.

Think of it this way: what are the people you’re most drawn to? Friendly? Free? Funny? Passionate?

Why wouldn’t it be the same in the world of blogging?

I know, I know, it’s not easy to do so. I often get sidetracked myself, assuming the role of teacher, and becoming this grumpy old man who’s all business and no fun. It happens.

For instance, there’s this post: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging. Lots of effort, time, and mental energy put into it. Yet it didn’t get much attention.

It’s supposed to be a condensed version of what to do to be great at blogging, yet few people read it.

There’s a lot of valuable information, yet there are a lot of other posts that have done a lot better, for instance 9 Mistakes that Will Screw Up Your Blog. Thousands of people have read it in the first few days.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find this a bit depressing. You’ll never be able to predict which posts will be popular, because sometimes you forget that you’re not a teacher, but rather an interesting diversion.

Take the fun out of your posts, and it will be as if you didn’t even write them.

How to Stop Being The Invisible Blogger

Write what your readers want to read. Simple.

I know it’s a difficult truth to accept. And it’s paradoxical. You should write what you want, write like yourself, write what you love, yet…

You need to find a common denominator and also write what people want to read.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to find the overlap between what you want to write and what the people want to read. It’s a process every writer goes through, and you’re no different.

Accept that you have to add value. There’s no way around it, and the day you stop providing value is the day they stop reading.

So figure out what is it that your readers want, and give it to them in an fun and interesting way.

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12 thoughts on “How to Stop Being “The Invisible Blogger”

  1. “Write what your readers want to read. Simple.”

    I generally agree with you, Christian. But remember that the immortal men of history…the true giants, the GREAT MEN, were those who uttered unpleasant truths. Men who made art to create the eternal (and not merely to earn a few shekels).

    To quote the great Richard Wagner:

    “What has aggrieved the painter, when he must immortalise the repugnant visage of a millionaire? What the musician, when he must compose his music for the banquet-table? And what the poet, when he must write romances for the lending-library? What then has been the sting of suffering to each?”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes it’s really difficult to be entertaining while still adding value to your readers and writing about both what you like and what your readers want is definitely not easy. I’ll keep on trying to get better at it though.
    I also nominated you for an award! You can check it on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cristian,with all due respect,I disagree on some of the points you present. Take myself for instance; I write not necessarily to entertain…that’s for my blog”Funny Stuff”….. Connecting is important…..but appeasement is not my ultimate goal…. because my writing comes directly from the heart…..if someone can relate….ok…..if not …well….they can find one that pleases their requirements…..I am serious about the stuff I write…. if perchance the thought of another seeing what I do …….I am fine with it…. Thanks…….best wishes in your endeavors…

    Liked by 2 people

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