How I (Almost) Ruined My Life

Alternate titles for this post:

How I Grew Complacent And Lazy And That (Almost) Ruined My Life

How Being Selfish Can Ruin One’s Life

And, truth be told, I could almost write a post titled “How Blogging Saved My Life,” because for a while it did.

Most of you know the initial parts of my story. All the way to me choosing to start this blog, write books, and self-publish them. You also probably know about my health issues and the struggles generated by them. I feel I should write that I did my best, but that would be a lie. One that is supposed to somehow make me feel better.

The truth is that I failed. I feel that I have failed.

This blog grew so fast in the first few months of its existence. I remember being a source of happiness for me. I have yet to experience a better feeling that that you get when your words matter to someone else. A stranger. Someone you’ll probably never meet.

I did not understand a lot of things about blogging, other people, life, hard work, and all that. I was only 21, after all. That’s another excuse.

I grew bitter and disillusioned. I kept expecting for some miracle to happen that would propel me to even greater heights. A blog post going viral, a big publishing house offering me a book contract, something that would make all the hard work I thought I was putting into it worth it.

Life does not work like that. We wish and wish and wish, and we never realize that wishing does not make it so. We’re just wishing away our life, waiting for things to happen, when, in fact, we must make them happen.

I don’t know when, but at a certain point I lost hope. In myself. In this blog. In any other creative endeavor. I felt powerless to change my circumstances. I had lost faith. I wrote, yes, and I wrote a lot of posts, but how many of them were written with true passion, how many were written for the love of writing, for the love of adding value to the world, of offering people genuine insight and true motivation?

How much value did I offer? How much did I give? How much did I receive? And, more important than anything else, how much did I give because I was expecting to receive far greater rewards?

I feel I owe you an apology for this. For wasting your time, for offering content that was sub-par with what I should have done.

We always regret not doing our best. Or not doing anything at all.

This could very well be the last post I ever write. I don’t know if my phone will die on me, I do not know… maybe there’s a lesson here.

If you had one last post to write, what would it be about? It would be the one you are currently working on? Or it would be something else? Something that has passion, soul, conviction, and clarity. Something to make it difficult for others to forget you.

Like I said, I made grave errors, and now I am doing my best to correct them. I have learned from my mistakes. Late, indeed, but I have learned from them.

Don’t take things for granted, work hard, be humble, always learn, don’t give a damn about the haters. Always aspire to become the best version of yourself.

Give people more than you are asking in return. That’s a very important one. When you’re prisoner of the so-called survival mode you forget how important this is.

That being said, I am going to do my best to write and keep blogging, all the while trying to raise the funds that I need in order to buy a laptop.

About $270 left to raise right now.

$270 away from being back in business. OH, my! Some epic stuff is going to happen.

I am offering special perks for those who contribute to my cause, thus ensuring that I can create for a long time to come:

$25 – A sponsored post – your blog/website will be mentioned at the end of one of the posts on this blog. An interesting bio, a call for action, links to relevant social media outlets if you choose so.

$50 – A sponsored post and a signed paperback copy of one of my books ( of your choosing).

$75 – All the previous perks, and also a one hour long one-on-one coaching session on blogging/writing/self-publishing with me done via Skype.

$100 – All the previous perks, and also detailed feedback about your blog, with pointers and advice on what should be changed, detailing every aspect from the content itself to the visual layout.

$200 – All the previous perks, and you’ll also be mentioned as sponsor for an entire year in the sidebar of this blog. You will also be receiving two sponsored posts, instead of one.

If you wish to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit here.


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