Blogging Is All About Problem-Solving

Think of all aspects of life as pyramids. Much like Maslow’s famous pyramid of needs.

Now, the curious thing is that each need is its own pyramid. Of course, the baseline is low. Very low.

Maybe not a lot of people are starving in the world right now as they used to in the past, but most people’s eating habits are pretty much destroying higher brain function and messing up with their bodies. Junk food is everywhere.

In fact, it’s crazy how difficult it is to eat healthy food.

Imagine how it would be walking down the street eating a cucumber or a carrot. People would look at you be like, “What is that guy eating? A cucumber? What the…”

But if you were eating a hamburger…

How many people do get enough rest?

How many people are happy in their relationships?

How many people can say that they have the friends they want? Are you helping those around you to become better people? Are they?

Yeah, kind of like that.

So there’s this huge pit, and that’s where most people are. In most areas of their lives. And they desperately want out. I mean, they’re clawing against the walls of this pit, climbing on top of each other… it’s brutal.

The irony of this is that you can only climb by helping others climb.

There you have it, the secret to love, happiness, success, wealth, and pretty much everything else.

Don’t believe me?

Think of an area in your life you’re struggling with. Do you operate out of scarcity? What’s your mindset like? Do you feel you have enough? Do you feel you could get more if you wanted? Do you help others to get some?

Odds are, you’re struggling because you are operating out of scarcity, your mindset is the prisoner of this weird coping mechanism, you are selfish, always trying to receive but never to give.

If you want out, all you have to do is solve people’s problems.

Simple, right?

Yeah. Kinda. Not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it is a simple concept.

If you’re struggling to find your place in this online world as a blogger, if you feel like no one is reading your posts, then odds are that you’re not solving any problem.

See why I have such a big issue with writing about yourself all the time? What problems does that solve?

Yes, of course you can rationalize it in any way you want, but that’s not going to change the fact that no one ever comments on your posts.

Truth be told, you’re not doing much to solve your own problems. You are complaining about your own stuff, but not doing anything to solve them.

You can even do this fun exercise in which you try to figure out what problems do your favorite brands and companies fix. Or your favorite bloggers. YouTubers. The girl you’ve always had a crush on but has friendzoned you six minutes after she met you.

There are problems, and there are solutions. That is all. It’s not rocket science, and even that is just a solution to a particular set of problems.

So, yeah. Brands. What problems they may solve?

Well, Apple for instance, solves a bunch of problems at the same time. Some are related to technology and stuff, and some are problems like, “this is the prettiest phone I’ve seen, and now I have a problem because I don’t have it.” It’s also capitalized greatly on what all luxury brands have done before.

What problems luxury brands solve?

Well… they actually raise your self-esteem. Guess what’s the average Joe’s self-esteem like. Yeah. He needs those Gucci shoes to feel a bit better about himself. Get a nice boost of serotonin, because doing something that actually makes him proud of who he is as a person is hard work.

When you want to find something online, that’s a problem, right? And who do you turn to? Google.

WordPress solves a problem too. If you’re not into the technical side of developing web pages and whatnot, and you solely want to focus on content creation. Blogging solves problems too. People want to be able to express themselves, to write, to showcase their art, their photography, to reach like-minded people, to find an audience for certain products, to grow a business…

Now, what problems are you solving by blogging?

That’s a serious question, and you should think about it, because your success depends on what you answer.

Why do people watch TV? Netflix and chill?

They get an emotional spike. Move higher on the emotions pyramid. That’s why you should also write blog posts that make people feel something.

So it’s not just about information. It’s also a bit of style. A bit of swagger.


I like that.

The problem with providing just entertainment is that it’s almost free. As a matter of fact, people nowadays expect entertainment to be free. They are provided with some ads, and that’s about it.

Information, on the other hand, that’s worth something…

Now, there’s one big mistake I see a lot of people and a lot of brands even doing: they appeal to an audience, and trying to solve problems that are not related to them.

Like self-publishers writing about self-publishing and writing, and then trying to sell that same audience fiction. And then they complain it doesn’t work.

Well, yeah, because your posts solve certain problems, your fiction is meant to solve different ones.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short post, yet it seems I can dissect this simple topic more and more. And it’s not just blogging that I keep thinking about, but also life. Maybe it’s about time I wrote one of my philosophical posts.

You want friends? Solve their problems by making them laugh, supporting their dreams, being curious about their lives.

Everybody you meet has some sort of problem, and you must figure out how to fix it. Maybe it’s emotional, maybe it’s financial, maybe they’re just thirsty. Depending on what are your intentions regarding them, you’ll also know how to properly fix their problems.

So, yeah, what problems do you solve? What problems does your blog solve? What problems do you solve in your day to day life?


5 thoughts on “Blogging Is All About Problem-Solving

  1. 1. I think some people need their blogs to support their ego needs. Your title up there “Does Your Blog Suck?” – that shows a problem right there.

    It is not cool or right for a person to try to force people to think like them or do what they say or love them or like them or applaud them. And yet – that’s what many people do both online and offline. People do this politically, religiously, in all ways. Parents compete in who has the best parenting techniques. Etc.

    “Does your blog suck you publish them and then not enough people like them” omg. whine whine whine. To me – whether you are blogging just to express yourself or whether you are blogging to give info and support or help people – it’s not a blogger’s business to dictate how people react to what they blog. That’s really controlling and unloving. Who cares if your blog sucks as long as you feel better creating it? Do other people NEED to like it too? Really? Possibly this is an extension of the issue of people not being comfortable alone with themselves. Or not being comfortable with solitude. And I guess not enough reactions to a post could make some people feel like they are too alone. Who knows.

    Me – I have enough issues solving my own problems lol I am not worrying about solving anyone else’s. I have enough on my hands. If however, someone can benefit from knowing I have similar issues to me – let’s go for it! If they way I solve one of my issues helps give someone else an idea for solving theirs – awesome. And that works both ways. I find solutions to my issues reading what other people are experiencing and doing. But I don’t create my blog to stroke my ego and I don’t need it to be a success, so that question is a moot point anyway.

    “So, yeah, what problems do you solve?
    budget problems, appliance problems children problems, inner psyche problems, you name it i solve it lol Last friday night littlest had what I think was an appendicitis attack. We resolved it the best we could then and this week I am taking him to dr. for help resolving it. I wanted more income. I am applying to awesome jobs with awesome incomes lol. My knee is hurt. I do reiki on it.

    What problems does your blog solve?
    Possibly absolutely none lol!!!!!!!!!!! My one is just my journal where I can express myself and if that resonates with anyone else, than they are welcome to the info there. My other one is specifically about my journey through growing older as a woman and choosing to remain unmarried, and going through peri-menopause. That one is participating in a community of women bloggers that are already present here on wordpress. It is solving MY problem of finding quality info on what I am going through. And I hope and intend that it does the same for the women who stumble upon it. When I find other bloggers on the same topic, I make sure to promote them because they are information in and of themselves that can help all of us. This community I am finding is invaluable. To all of us.

    What problems do you solve in your day to day life?”
    see the first question lol
    today I am working on getting littlest’s dad to lay off the extra homework obsession he has. And i know which tools to use for it. And I will succeed. : )

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  2. Solving people problems are one of the biggest challenges. Maybe our blogs can give a 2nd opinion to those whom are seeking answers to their solutions. Human nature is such that after reading one article it will further probe you to read some more to get a clarity of the situation. Just my opinion. Great write anyone.

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  3. Neat. It all boils down to how we treated the people we know and those we meet on a daily basis. Sometimes someone simply needs another perspective on a situation or just to be heard. Many times it is a little challenge and having another person to help out or just listen can bring the solution.

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