On Being a Full-Time Creative


It’s been almost six years since I decided to become a full-time creative. To write, to self-publish, to blog, to vlog, to create all sorts of content, and work on all sorts of crazy ideas.

Six years ago I chose this because I wanted my words to change the world.

What happened along the way? How did this journey change me?

What are the struggles of being a full-time creative?

Well, let’s find out…

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3 thoughts on “On Being a Full-Time Creative

  1. I’m an ad agency creative. My quote is “I used to live to write. Now I write to live.” :)
    Gone are the days of cigarettes, a notepad, and coffee at the diner. Now it’s work, kids soccer games, karate and keeping pace with the dwindling DVR space.
    I find taking the time to do your thing makes work a hell of a lot easier. (Creative muscle thing)

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