The Art of Blogging: The Blog, Free E-book Download, and Weekend Super Sale on irevuo’s E-Store

Hi guys,

A few updates.

First of all, I’d like to announce a new blog: The Art of Blogging.

Remember a time when you were moved to tears by a piece you read on someone else’s blog? Or were inspired to take action in a certain area of your life?

Well, that was art. The art of blogging.

Fresh, free content delivered to you daily. Inspiration. Motivation. Guides. All the stuff you need if you aspire to inspire.

Five years of daily blogging. Five years of writing essays on life, death, love, inspiration, and the artistic process. The best of those essays, now in this compilation.

Subscribe to my blog and get this compilation of fourteen essays as a free download here.

First of all, this print is only $14.99. Find your fire.

Secondly, free shipping on orders over $79.

Last but not least, today and tomorrow, a lot of discounts. A lot.

Check them all out on irevuo’s e-store here.

Oh, and you might also want to click here for an additional 10% discount.

That’s all folks.

A lot more stuff to be announced in the near future, including two new e-books that will be made available as free downloads.




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