“Alone, even doing nothing, you do not waste your time. You do, almost always, in company. No encounter with yourself can be altogether sterile. Something necessarily emerges, even if only the hope of some day meeting yourself again.”Emil Cioran

It’s my honest belief that people aren’t built to be alone. Most people can’t stand silence. The world grows noisier and faster every day. We rarely stop and look around, we rarely try to spend time alone, to figure things out for ourselves.

“Why?” is the one question that makes us more human than any other, and we’ve stopped asking it. We don’t care.

But artists are different.

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3 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Personally, I think solitude is a greatest gift an artist could possess. When I work on something, it honestly hurts me to be surrounded by people. Being surrounded by people makes the extrordinary understanding you possess about many things seem so bland. Many concepts just cannot be savoured and many ideas are just so difficult to be conjured without the privilage of being alone. Sometimes it feels lonely because I can’t share those thoughts with others but then again to experience the joy of company I must be a better communicator or else it’s gonna hurt more when they don’t feel how you feel. No matter how much I feel that this is all part of the journey, there are moments when I just cannot help but feel like I am trying too much to be something that probably dosen’t even exist(which is true of course. I know you get what I mean). Thank you so much for the post, it gives me the strength to persue my desires without having the feeling that I am the odd one.


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