How Far Would You Go?

how_farMy philosophy is pretty simple: find something you want and do your best to get it. Find something you’re passionate about, and do it over and over again until you die. Selfish? Maybe.

But let me ask you a question: how far would you go in order to make your dreams come true? When would you stop?

You want what you want and you have to do your best to get it.

Of course, I’m certain that most of you don’t think like that. And the funny thing is that I’m not sure if there’s a good way or bad way.

All I know is that there comes a time when you just want to fight. You know, like really, really fight. Against a million people if you have to, but you just want to live the life you think you deserve. Because that’s one universal truth: the world is about you. You’re the most important being in existence, the center of the universe. Of course, now that you’re reading this, you feel like denying it.

Your dreams matter to you. Your tragedies are your own. Your struggles. Your pain. Your regrets. Your suffering.

So ask yourself: how far would you go?



6 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go?

  1. As with many of your posts, this one got me thinking……I believe that the people in this world who are truly successful are utterly blinkered, they focus on what they want to achieve and they will not be moved from their goal. They don’t view the bumps in the road as failures but more as motivators to do better next time. This type of tenacity requires one to be selfish; if all your energies are going into following your dream there will be little left for anyone or anything else in your life. If you are following your passion, rather than money for example, then you will lead a fulfilling life…right up to the point when you achieve your dream. The things that we do or have in our lives become the norm; when you make your first $10,000, that will be an important landmark and you may well remember it for ever more but, if you are extremely successful, a few years down the line $10,000 will be nothing more to you than a good night out with a few friends. The same applies to running a company – you’ll always remember the first person that you hired but will you even know the name of the 50th? If your dream is to play violin with the Royal Philharmonic, you work for years and years until that wonderful night when you play with them for the first time; the buzz must be amazing BUT will it be so amazing after the 100th time? Will you still have the same sense of having fulfilled a dream if it has become your reality? If human beings stop chasing their dreams the world will not progress as it has done as we will lose all our entrepreneurs, innovators, great actors and musicians. However, to constantly chase dreams is to never be satisfied with what you have and I wonder how much more peaceful our world would be if we were all happy with our lot in life…..?

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  2. Very thought provoking, and it reminds of a play I saw once. I want to say it was called Lunch with Albert Einstein, or Einstein before Lunch. Anyway, it was later in his life and he wasn’t long for this world according to the play. He’d been working on the Unified Field Theory and a guy showed up offering to help him with the solution. Intrigued, Einstein invited him for lunch and sat down to hear what he had to say. As the lunch progressed, the guy revealed he had the pieces he needed to solve the problem. There was only one small price. The guy wanted his soul in exchange for the information Einstein needed.
    Einstein told him thank you, but no thanks.
    Of course he never did solve the Unified Field Theory.
    Now a lot of folks may not believe in the Devil or eternity, but we do have our morals and beliefs. Are we willing to violate those in order to achieve your dreams.

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  3. Thank you yet again for the wonderful update. I love how you are able to grip the attention of the reader just like that. It looks so easy. Like a click of the fingers. Your topics are about the readers, you are not writing about yourself, promoting your persona or brand and you are not writing for your eyes only. This is what makes a great blog and a great blog post.

    Unfortunately, like I stated before, I have not got the ability to speak to the reader directly. I tend to write about _my_ life, _my_ problems and about me. This is what I don’t like in my blog but it seems hard to change things over. Almost impossible. I have tried and deleted everything I have written time and again, in search for the holy grail of writing to _you_ and about _you_.

    Maybe I have to accept my reader stats are low and I write in a different style to the popular blogs, like yours. :/

    And about the topic: your question seems quite rhetoric. I am sure you are not too interested in the individual replies where people would actually open up about how far they are willing to go. It’s not necessarily relevant at all. The most important thing this post you wrote gave me was that the question is asked.

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