Living Like Koi

Regina Bartlett

There are certain species of fish that are rumored to grow as large as their environment allows. I say rumored because the validity of that statement cannot be wholly substantiated on the great wide internet. It’s alleged that Koi fish are one of those fish who will grow in that manner. Koi fish are beautiful! They are similar to common goldfish in coloring, temperament, and their docile nature. Interestingly enough, I’ve seen more Koi on human bodies via tattoos than in the world.

Moving. We are moving. Not my favorite thing to do. This time we added another little stress into our move: downsizing. What a chore. When we rented our little piece of Shangri-La at the beach it was a summer house that we took a two year lease. Then another year… and another… and finally another.

As each kid moved we assumed their rooms with our necessities. Can…

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