Your Words Shape Your Destiny

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1

In a way, everything that ever exists in this world was first a word. What you call the Universe is made up of words, not atoms. The people you have loved and lost you keep alive by using words.

What you think you are, what others think of you… words.

What you tell yourself, what you tell others… words.

If words didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be much. Maybe we wouldn’t be anything at all.

They say that what separates us from animals is our limitless capability to become. Our unending quest to conquer all the mountains that we stumble upon, real or imaginary.

We are human because we have dedicated our time on this earth to becoming more than what we already are.

And we use words for that.

We imagine perfection and we use words to make it feel real. We use words to tell others what we feel like. We use words to tell strangers about all the things that should make us be more than that. We use words to describe someone’s smile in a way that stops even a heart-breaker’s heart.

We use words to define ourselves. We use words to tell others that, “I am….” We use words to let others that we are alive. We use words because we are mortal, and we hate it, and we wish we’d live forever.

Forever. Such a funny word. Forever does not exist, but we made up a word to describe it, because words are our only invention that can give us a sense of immortality. That some part of us will endure long after we are gone.

Words. We use them to feel less alone when our souls are breaking under the weight of a destiny we do not understand.

Words. We use them to describe dreams like the way air seems to burn in the desert. We use words to let other know how much they mean to us, to let them know that we couldn’t have been who we are without them.

Words. They are the most powerful tool ever discovered. You can nudge the world a bit whenever you use the right words, in just the right order, at the right time.


Thank you so much for allowing me to write these words and share them with the world…


11 thoughts on “Your Words Shape Your Destiny

  1. All is held together by the power of Christ’s word…who is the WORD and according to Hebrews 1 is the language in which God has spoken. Words are powerful and they do resonate into eternity because God has put that word (eternity) in our hearts (Ecclesiates)

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  2. I like this post. We could get into an debate about if we weren’t here to describe it, would the Universe exist (always a fun argument, best done over a couple of glasses of good wine), but I won’t.
    Instead, I’ll go back to the old argument that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But words do hurt. Worse that being hit with a two by four, or a stone, or a bullet. Those scar only on the part the world sees. But words scar the soul. Words form who we are. And unfortunately those words are often inflicted on us by others. They might call us losers (I preferred the word dreamer), stupid (I preferred the words, ‘I see things differently from you’), or worse, “You’re ugly” ( In that case I’ve meet people who were perfect 10’s on the outside, opened their mouths and ended up owing points, and others who didn’t meet the worlds standard of beauty, but turned out to be the most beautiful people I’d ever known).
    Let’s be careful of the words we apply to others, and ourselves. Either the words have the power to destroy, or they have the power to form who that person is, or better yet, who we are and what we can become.

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  3. Words, yeah! One should pay attention to self-talk. That will shape the voluntary aspect of ones reality.
    Negativity words is poison, positivity is sugar-coating, neutrality is numbness, and none of it captures the fullness of ones existence.
    One should live beyond the mind’s words and live outside the bounds of description.

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  4. I know it isn’t the main idea of your post, but I love John 1:1 because it proves, biblically, that Jesus is God. He is not a Creation… but the Creator, deciding to come to this fallen, broken world in human flesh– to bring us back to Him, and to ultimately fix all that is wrong, to make it right… All because He Loves you and I with a Love that could never be known otherwise! He Loves, so He gave. Beautiful. ❤ Thanks for the post.


  5. Words, words, words, this is a very interesting article, I am always looking for the right words, but I can’t see the words till I type them out, not sure where I am looking for them till I type them out. Thanks for sharing your interesting post on words.

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