The hungry don’t get fed…

Imagine this fancy restaurant. Michelin stars, whatever. The opulence. The faint aroma of dishes most of us never heard of. The kind of people who frequent such a place. Now, imagine there’s this guy who’s been broken by life. By some bitter circumstances. It doesn’t matter what happened, exactly. What we do know is he’s hungry. Starving. Hell, at this point, he’d be grateful for a glass of water.

He walks into this restaurant…

Do you think someone’s going to feed him? Or is he getting unceremoniously asked to leave?

Now imagine this famous actor or singer or business man walking into the same restaurant. Paparazzi all over the place. He’s probably going to eat for free. After all, the owners know they’re going to get a lot of publicity because of this. But this guy doesn’t need free food, right?

It seems unfair to you?

It reminds you of a certain period in your life when you wanted something? Really wanted something? Needed it so, so badly… and yet the more you struggled to get it, the more it eluded you?

The hungry don’t get fed.

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