Don’t Give Up


“When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

Even though I cannot afford a gym membership, fancy training equipment, the right supplements and vitamins, and I struggle to afford to eat the proper number of meals a day, I am in the best physical shape of my life.

Three years ago I used to weigh only 121 pounds at a height of 5 feet eight inches. I know weigh 159 pounds. Little body fat. Just the way I like it.

How do I do it?

By sheer power of will. By just going after it with what I have.

I have two 3 KG weights and one of those ab rollers. The number of exercises you can do with just those three things is quite amazing. I also do a few hundred pushups a day, run a couple of miles first thing in the morning, and I do a bit of shadow boxing every now and then.

Don’t we waste so much time waiting for the ideal conditions?

There will never be a right time

I could hope that I get to pay all my bills, the rent, all that, and then I’ll have enough money to buy a gym membership. I could. Only I decided not to.


Because of depression, mostly. Because of the way working out makes me feel, and the way it lifts up my mood, regulates a bunch of stuff about my body, and also makes me smarter.

Yes. Working out does that.

Do what you can with what you have. Never, ever, ever, give up.

That’s all.

That’s like 90% of success right there.

Showing up, whether you feel like it or not. Whether you have all that you need or not.


Because anyone can do it when they feel like it. Anyone can work out under the right conditions, anyone can write when they feel inspired, anyone can go to the gym after a great night sleep and a nice breakfast.

You know what few people do?

Work on their novels while repairing cars, the same way Chuck Palahniuk did.

Blogging when your world is turned upside down, when you feel all broken and tired and lonely, when you just want the world to stop or end or both.

That’s what makes the difference.

Will Power is all that matters

I stopped waiting for the right conditions when I realized that I’d be waiting for the rest of my life. The conditions were never perfect.

I mean… two months ago I wanted to buy a gym membership, but the closest gym to where I live closed down.

Last month I wanted to buy a membership to another gym, and that one was overcrowded. Or so I heard.

Last year I’d give up on going to the gym because I didn’t have my supplements. Or my vitamins. Or the right kind of pants…

Everything is an excuse. Everything.

If something would be important enough, you’d die for it, right? You’d live solely for it. You’d give it your all. You’d find strength where there was no strength left, you’d find the money, the right people, the inspiration, you’d make the time…

Everything else is an excuse.

Realize this, and admit it, and then you’ll feel like you can do anything you want. Whenever you feel like trying to rationalize your fear of failure, your fear of trying something new, your fear of pain, rejection, criticism, just realize that it’s all lies you tell yourself not to feel like you have given up.


Admit that you are lying to yourself.

Admit that you are afraid.

Accept fear, and then do it anyway.

“Never stop dreaming, 
never stop believing, 
never give up, 
never stop trying, and 
never stop learning.” 
― Roy T. Bennett


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