What Keeps You From Writing?


8 thoughts on “What Keeps You From Writing?

  1. My fear is that I will not have anything worthwhile to say. Sometimes writing is an all-too physical thing that requires lots of energy and, when you are feeling tired, it becomes difficult. For me though, it is not so much about not writing as having to write; it is an imperative for my wellbeing and core beliefs.

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  2. I usually have an easy time getting my ideas from pen to paper. I rarely get writer’s block, but I work very hard in my actual job and I usually get home and don’t have the time or energy to sit down from one job to start another.

    Instead, I have convinced myself that I love editing, rewriting query letters, and putting my ideas out there, so instead of planting myself in front of the tv, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, I just sit down and research my craft.

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  3. Now that i am back to blogging here on wordpress, I wanted to share why I left and why i am back. I started blogging as a sence of outlet and sharing what i learn along the way. Later on I decided to get into marketing, as my personal training was taking off and I wanted to use my writing as a form of marketing and showing expertise. I later on (lately) realized i lost my passion for writing. I had passion for sharing knowledge and helping, but after using it as a tool of marketing I soon realized my passion was not writing. My passion was expressing my thoughts and helping others. With this mew realization, i stopped posting on my website selfimprovedfitness.com and came back to wordpress to blog for fun. Slowly reuploading my articles to my blog here if anyone would like to sub.

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