Nobody Gives a Damn How Many Followers You’ve Got

The Art of Blogging

Apparently it’s easy to get zillions of subscribers to your blog – Just follow a few simple steps, work hard, and write good stuff.

I know this, because there are a ton of pro-blogging sites which are eager to dispense the wisdom of their own success whilst making you feel inferior for having less than 20,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately for many of us, the promise of multiple thousands of subscribers is unrealistic no matter how hard we try – sometimes because we work in less popular niches, sometimes because we just don’t have the available time, and sometimes because we just don’t have that magic mix of talent and luck.

Ultimately this leads to frequent disappointment among bloggers.

But the bitter truth is that blogging is not a hobby or a profession for those without perseverance.

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3 thoughts on “Nobody Gives a Damn How Many Followers You’ve Got

  1. This is rejuvenating, gives me some things to contemplate.
    Moreover, while not related to the content, it did make me consider that no matter how voluminous one’s subscription base is, or how many page views, likes, or comments one receives, if their work is tantamount to an echo-chamber, or it’s content is gaunt, then no significance can be born, no enlightenment can be fostered.

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  2. If I let my self-esteem ride on how many followers I had, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Fortunately, my sense of self worth comes from God, and His opinion of me is unchanging.


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