What Does It Mean to Love?

Falling in love is easy. Too easy sometimes. We fall in love with someone who’s a little bit different than all the others we have met before, we fall in love when someone tells us something new about ourselves, we fall in love with the way someone acts or talks, we fall in love with people who have traits that are similar or exactly the opposite of ours.

There are just about a million different reasons why we fall in love.

But to love… that’s different.

Because we love someone in spite of their flaws. We love someone because they treat us exactly how we’ve always wished to be treated. We love someone because they’re exactly what we need.

And, yes, you need to learn to love. You need to learn how to act just right, how to do what needs to be done. Actions, not words. Sacrifice, compromise. Good days and bad days. Arguments. The constant temptation of finding someone new.

How do you learn to genuinely love another?

Getting your heart broken is a good way to start. To love someone and to see it in their eyes that they love another… to fall in love with the wrong people at the wrong time, to give the best of you to those who never really appreciated it. Tears. Loneliness. Anger.

You learn to love. You learn to love someone just for loving you back. Just for treating you right.

Because… you need to meet a lot of wrong ones before you can truly appreciate when the right one comes into your life… and then hold tight to them like a motherfucker.

In the end, we’re all capable of loving another human being. What matters most is the way we show that love, the way it makes us feel. The things that we do for love.

I’ve fallen in and out of love for quite a few times by now. I’ve gotten my heart broken a few times. I’ve felt unrequited love, that bitter-sweet excitement that runs up and down your veins when you fall in love with the wrong person. But you just can’t help yourself. I’ve hurt people. I did wrong. I acted foolishly and recklessly. I made mistakes. Lots and lots of them.

We never stop learning how to love. As long as we’re willing to learn from our mistakes, as long as we try our very best to make that special someone in our lives feel truly special…

What did you learn about love so far?


17 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Love?

  1. The only meaning of love is ‘nothing’ be nothing ….the only thing that existed in world while everything was being destroyed is love…it has been since ages…..this universe has made all of us out of love!…..according to me there should me no reason to love……Love for love’s sake!

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  2. Quality communication is up there with most important things in a relationship. To be sure your loved one knows that you are truly listening, you must acknowledge their feelings. Even if you disagree with those feelings. Expressing your needs openly, also a crucial factor in the health of a relationship. One needs to let the other know their expectations, how they want to be treated, ectc. If one or the other is left to guess, a mistake is bound to be committed, thus arising feelings of resentment, anger, etc. There are methods in effective, respectful communication which serve to help avoid these misunderstandings. Tess and I utilize them all the time. Are arguments are seldom, and we love our relationship. We let each other know exactly what we need.

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  3. Matters of the heart is fickle, delicate, scary but, most of the time, exciting with the compacity to be compassionate with someone. Thanks for posting that. It’s just another reminder to me, to allow myself to love again. It’s sad because I was starting to believe love was behind me. What a great post and thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  4. Love is God, that’s what I’ve learned. God loved us we cheated on him he still loved us we sinned, he still loved us we didn’t care, he still loved us we wronged him, still he gave his life for us …… So that we could be saved. That’s love.

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  5. I am at a phase in life where I am cynical about love as it’s meaning is for intimate relationships with a partner. It’s part of the journey I guess and the lessons we encounter in life.
    I love a lot though, love has many forms – i love my child, i love my friends, my home, my community, what I do for a living, I love myself… :-)
    I learned that “Love” has many faces and many forms!

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  6. I’ve learned that loving is a choice. God is Love, but Love is not God– many people get this wrong. God so Loved the world, so He chose to GIVE His only son to save the world. There is no greater Love than God’s… and only He can teach us how to truly Love by His example.

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  7. Love has different shapes and natures, it can be in a form of caring, in a form of respect, in a form of appreciation, and if you thing more about it, it represents different aspects of our life: family, work,and friendship…

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  8. This is a wonderful, wonderful post. I love your blog.

    I did not learn to love as a child because I did not learn to love myself. In high school I met the love of my life and could not keep him because I had not learned to love myself. Much later in our lives we met again and found we still loved each other. He was single, but I was married and did not love myself enough to leave the marriage. Still later, after I had learned to love myself and left my marriage, we met again. I still loved him, he still loved me, but he was about to marry someone else and felt he had to go through with that commitment. We have not been in contact since.

    So one important thing I have learned about love is how to accept finding the love of my life at a young age and having to live without him the rest of my life. Maybe he has had to learn to do that, too.

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    • You think he is the love of your life because you didn’t get to live with him for ten years. Time has a way of playing with us my friend and our minds being human would always lose the game. I don’t believe that there’s one person in this world made for the other. There are billions of people waiting to love us, so embrace that fact.
      I like your story because it’s realistic. But please remember that there are thousands of people out there ready to love you even much more than your high school “impossible” love.
      Am sorry, I tried my best to stop myself from commenting.


  9. The very nature of love just can’t be defined. I still don’t understand so much of it, but I completely agree with you on having to get your heart broken, and loving the wrong person. I think this is absolutely necessary. One may feel scared or insecure to enter another relationship after the heartbreaks, but that’s the challenge.
    Love, like everything else, is about pushing our boundaries.

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  10. Love is beautiful. Its priceless. It can make your soul laugh but it can also make it cry. Like any other thing love pushes us to our limits. It makes you strong even if you fall in love with a wrong person.

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  11. I’ve learned that in love someone always loves the other more but most of all I’ve learned never to be the former. Cos the frustration that comes with needing someone more than they need you is unbearable unfair.


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