You Can’t Measure a Dream

“Numbers are funny. They can measure you, time you, and analyze you all they want, but they all know what really matters is how you play the game….You ever hear the expression you can’t measure heart? Well the truth is they can’t measure any of it: heart… want… need…. You can’t measure a dream.”One Tree Hill

Remember when you were a kid? When you aspired for greatness with this kind of eagerness that you lost somewhere along the way?

No dream too big, no desire unattainable.

You knew you could be anything you wanted. Anyone you wanted. But then you grew up and decided that you’re an adult. And one of the things that define adults is that their world is ruled by numbers. They calculate, add, subtract, measure… they only believe in what they can see or touch or smell or taste.

The world becomes simple.

There are rules. There are laws. There are guides. There are things that are impossible.

And you lost so much of what life is all about. You lost touch with your inner world, with faith, with the capacity to hope for things that have no sense. You forgot about your dreams, forgot about your courage…

We are born with wings and somewhere along the way we discard them…

I have invested all that I have in my projects. Everything. I tried my best. I tried to do what had to be done…

And I am staring failure in the eyes.

I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars dealing with health issues. Because life is not fair, but we need to cope with it.

Now, only two days from being evicted from my apartment, it seems that my best wasn’t enough…

It seems that my dream didn’t measure up to what people think it’s worth investing in.

But numbers give only the cold perspective.

A bitter truth, so to speak.

For numbers can never measure heart. Or want. Or need.

Numbers can’t measure how passionate and enthusiastic someone is about something.

They can’t measure how badly you want something.

No one can see inside your chest.

No one can see inside mine.

I want to keep going. To keep my dream alive. And I am fighting to do just that. To keep blogging, to keep writing, to keep all my projects alive.

To inspire, to motivate, to help others reach their goals and dreams…

$530 still need to be raised. That’s how much is standing between me and living on the streets.

I need your help.

If you want to help me out, you can do so by contributing any amount you see fit via PayPal here.

You can also purchase stuff from my e-store here.

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