Passion vs. Purpose

Find your passion.

Sounds like a smart advice, right?

Do what makes you happy. Love what you do. Develop a magnificent obsession and stick to it no matter what.

But passion is oftentimes violent. It involves strong emotions, it involves a certain degree of blindness.

While passion can keep you going, having a purpose is a better idea.


Because it’s the difference between pushing towards something and being pulled by something.

Having a purpose means that at some level you believe it is your destiny to do something. You are willing to make a plan, to learn the rules, to develop certain skills.

You’re only writing 24/7 but you are also learning how to write.

It is also true that at least one of them is required for you to push past discomfort, venture outside your comfort zone, and overcome various obstacles that stop most people.

If you do not wholeheartedly believe in your purpose or if you are not passionate about what it is you are doing…

Let me put it this way…

There’s got to be some incentive for you to embrace the extreme work that is required in order to achieve anything of importance, because, whether you like it or not, it also takes a lot more work to achieve something than you consider before attempting it.

That is all.


7 thoughts on “Passion vs. Purpose

  1. As humans, we could potentially have many passions – and there is a certain model that shows you how to find something you are passionate about. I see the negative side of passion in professional sports when players take things too seriously because they are so passionate about their sport. Their purpose is to win championships and building a legacy. What is your purpose and how can you align things you are passionate about with your purpose?

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