Being Thankful

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”Oprah Winfrey

We all want something. We all lost something. We all love something. Some let themselves be guided by their passions, while others take to the rational way of acting… some choose to hug an illusion, others a dream, and on their loneliest nights they feel empty and weak and scared, while others choose to act… they want to create, to build, to enhance, to evolve, to wage war against the entire world if need be.

But the trick is to figure out what is enough, the trick is to realize when you have enough; the really impossible task is to appreciate what you have, not after you’ve lost it, but in the moments it’s yours. Yes, probably it’s in our nature to take things for granted… we grow complacent with things or people, we never seem to realize the extraordinary when it happens to us… we only realize how much we need it after we’re close to losing it.

It’s been a six and a half years since I started this blog. I wrote close to 3,000 posts. Some were good, some were not that good. Maybe I’ve inspired a few folks to write… more, better, when they don’t felt like it, when they couldn’t see the point in doing so. Maybe I’ve changed things… here and there.

For that, I am thankful. And it changed me… I used to be the guy who got confused by even the slightest setback. I got angry when things didn’t go my way. I wast addicted to instant gratification. Now I fight for it.

But sometimes it’s well to take a look back, at what you accomplished, at what you achieved so far. Makes the road ahead seem less scary…

That’s what I do from time to time, when something bad happens, when I feel down, when I don’t want to get out of bed because… what’s the point? When I feel bitter and frustrated; that’s when I think about what I used to do before this blog, which was pretty much nothing.

Yes, we rarely notice the most obvious of things, which are also the ones we need the most. We rarely appreciate them or acknowledge their true value. We spend so much time living in the future, trying to decide how it’s going to look like, how great it’s going to be, that we sometimes feel stuck. We feel like standing still, and we want motion, we want life, we want our flames to burn strong against the neverending and cruel darkness of the night.

Yet, if we stop for just one moment and look around, that’s when we see what’s real… we see what really matters. Yes, we’re all haunted by regret, in all shapes and sizes: for the things we didn’t do, for the things we did and could have done differently, for the things we almost did. We regret bad decisions, poor choices, good deeds turned wrong. We regret intentions, thoughts, actions.

But if we sift all that, if we tell ourselves that what we have is profound and magnificent, that’s when we see real magic. That’s when stuff begins to happen. You can only see what you want to see and nothing more. Never forget that, because the moment you do, that’s when you’ll lose track of things, that’s when you won’t know what is enough.

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