Why Should We Read Your Blog?

The Art of Blogging

There are 24,490,912 blog indexed on WordPress.com. Wait a sec.  Make that 24,490,923. Just on WordPress.com. And a lot more self-hosted blogs, or using a different platform.

About a million blog posts get made every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme, and every subject has been exhaustively covered by hundreds of blogs.

So why should anyone read yours?

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One thought on “Why Should We Read Your Blog?

  1. Honestly? I am a superior Tarot Reader and Mentor. With 35+ years of experience with the cosmology of the deck and an impressive shuffling skill, har, I love these cards. I have over 15 decks, but the essential structure of Tarot should be there, and if it is not, then I don’t bother to read them even if they’re really pretty. Perception is just about everything to making sense of life. Tarot helps.

    Tarot never lies, but we are not always so kind to ourselves. Perception is key to understanding when we have an opportunity to change ourselves and if we’re working with blinders on, we often miss it and have to wait for the next round. I believe Tarot has moved me ahead lifetimes in terms of working on the same old problems over and over again, and I want to help you progress in your life, too!

    I have a writing background, and I’m a painter so I use those talents to help me synthesize the visual story of your spread. I get to make it accessible! I do not pretend to read crystal balls but I am one to trust my “first mind” and I, on my blog, will lay out how that works with Tarot and why it is so important. Once that main story is understood, the depth of a single card can lead us to hidden clues and to solving your mysteries together. I have been initiated in esoteric studies, but always come back to Tarot as my best teacher, and I want to share that with you, and be available when you need help or are interested in becoming more perceptive to the truth of your life.


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