Life’s a matter of perspective. Yet, we often forget this simple truth. Reality is but a choice, a construct of the mind.

You can decide what this world is all about. Is it beautiful? Ugly? Are you happy or sad? What about others? How are they? How would you describe them?

To describe means to define, and we all become prisoners of our definitions.

So choose your perspective carefully. You are what you choose to see in the world, for whatever defects and flaws you see in the world, the same will be reflected out of your eyes.

But what I find to be quite paradoxical is the fact that those who suffered through and had to overcome horrible fates are those who see the beauty outside their windows, not the speck of dust on the glass…

How do you want the world around you to look like?

How do you want to feel about yourself, the people around you, the events you go through?

Choose wisely.

This post was sponsored by Jennifer, owner and writer at Her blog has her truths, from shopping addictions to caring for her grandmother with dementia. Although her blog is very new, she has many stories to tell. It’s the life of a 34 year old Puerto Rican mom of 2 kids, just trying to deal with life’s insecurities.


  1. Cristian, I’m done reading now from start to finish this very important blog of yours. I’ll share/forward now this blog of yours to my mother who’s now in Australia from here in the Philippines, to my protege, and to many people. Thank you Cristian Mihai. Thank you.

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  2. I like your ;perspective, and I like the quote from Anne Frank. It was always one of my personal favorites. I kept that quote framed and hung in my sheriff’s office to remind my deputies that while we might deal with some really bad elements of society, at the end of the day, they were still people and needed to be treated with respect.

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  3. People perspectives of the world are not just a reflection of the mind. It’s also the reflection of where they are in life. People who love life, love their lives, love the people around them don’t have such strong disdain toward the world. People need a reason, an explanation for why their lives are the way they are. We convince ourselves of our talents and smarts even when we don’t have the it factor. So when we have convinced ourselves and our world falls, something must be wrong; a conspiracy of sorts.

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  4. …It is in the way we live and create, and the way we will be remembered by those who will come after us. By the way, I like your writing style and this little project of yours, in exploiting your great blog stats and lots of WP followers to advertise and support other members of the WP community (for a little charge), especially those most creative ones that has little or no followers and influence on the WP readers or Internet readers in general…

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