The Truth about Blog Post Length

The Art of Blogging

Some bloggers suffer from what I like to call verbal narcissism. Only it’s in writing. Anyway…

To avoid this awful fate, you probably try to keep your posts short, sometimes writing series of blog posts. After all, you don’t want to scare away readers by dumping too much information on them all at once, right?

Makes sense, but what’s weird is it doesn’t work that way.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth about Blog Post Length

    • Your goal define interesting. What is it that you want to achieve.

      You’d be surprised how often people write some blog post just because they feel they have to. It’s not even something they are interested about. And that’s how you alienate almost everyone who reads it too.

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      • If Lord of the Rings would be interesting enough for you to read, would all agree? Or read it? You said one must be writing something interesting – the thing is that there are over seven billion people, all with different interests. Choosing an “interesting” topic could be a challenge. May I propose that a blogger should be writing from the heart? People buy into authenticity.


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