Plagiarism? In 2018?

Hi guys,

There’s something that has been submitted to my attention.

Like this post right here. And my post from all the way back in February.

This is quite funny.

This blogger also copied one of the posts from The Art of Blogging… this one right here.

What I find ironic is that this blogger has copyright disclaimers everywhere, yet she nonchalantly steals the hard work of other folks. And she’s quite popular for it.

P.S. Oh, look… another post she stole from me. Yeah, ok, this is ridiculous.


56 thoughts on “Plagiarism? In 2018?

        • I called her on it, politely and politely told her that the best way is to hit the reblog button, or at the very least state the original post is here ___________ and to include a link back crediting the writer :) I don’t believe in trashing people so I try to keep things very polite as her own content is fine, its quite enjoyable, and if she wrote more of her own stuff she would turn the tarnished reputation around, the blogging community is quite forgiving. theres no need to steal :)

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            • this is true, maybe I am just crazy for giving her the benefit of doubt and want desperately to believe that some of it is her own.

              one of your readers suggested commenting to give her a dressing down… and you are right she moderates it, but perhaps we could contact her readers? inform them what she is doing, I have followed your blog for a few years, I am very familiar with what you right and your personal style, it would not take much to show her readers where she gets her posts with simple links to yours :) maybe if enough of your readers did this we could make her change her ways, or at least prompt an admission from her. just a thought? I really dislike seeing you get screwed over like this, it just isn’t right and can not simply be pushed under the carpet, something has to be done, you are such an inspiring writer.

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          • I was worried reblogging made me look like I’d nicked other peoples stuff….glad to hear that’s not the case and will continue to do it then. I have been writing reblog on the title….


  1. Oh wow I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened to you! You put in so much effort to write your posts, and then someone just comes along and claims it as their own. I know how that feels – the idea for my blog got stolen from me by a professional journalist and they profited from it. It’s so not cool.

    Is there anything you can do? I hope she realises that what she has done is wrong on so many levels.

    Amber A.

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  2. When you pioneer…and are a master of your craft…some idolise to the point…they wish they were you.

    Your ingenuity…and originality will only lead her to a path of self destruction.

    She goes to sleep at night…and when her head hits the pillow…her soul is not at ease. She knows she is a fraud…and represents a lie.

    You…are the only you in the world my friend…so that will always prevail.

    Plagiarism is the highest display of flattery for your unique talents.

    It’s wrong on so many levels…but she’s pretending to be something she cannot live up to being in the first place.

    Keep doing you my friend!

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  3. This is unacceptable. Your hard work cannot be taken away like this. Good that you noticed, and I think WordPress should have some policies on plagiarism. Why are people even liking something without verifying? This is becoming another social media, just hitting the like button without a thought!


  4. I doubt if you can do anything. Not worth a lawsuit as it would take cash, time and an enormous effort to prove it. Best you do is to point it out to your readers.

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  5. I work in the IT industry, and one of the funniest incidents of plagiarism I encountered was also the most frustrating. We were trying to setup a feature in Windows Server called BranchCache. On the internet, there’s about 5000 ways to set it up, and everyone of them is wrong.
    Why. Well, the guy who wrote it up the first time was dead wrong, and everyone just copied it.

    Sorry to hear we’ve got someone out there who’s stealing what’s being written by others. If you’re going to steal something, at least admit it, or quote that person and give them credit. Of course that’s admitting you’re uncreative and couldn’t write anything to save your soul. Too bad.

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  6. That’s not right! I reblog a lot of your content through the reblog button because I feel like you write great content and that you deserve the credit for it! Stealing other peoples hard work without asking or without some sort of acknowledgment is not right. I hope my reblogs haven’t caused you any trouble lol. It’s the only way I know how to give the other authors’ credit while linking to their original post.

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  7. Oh my god. She has liked a post or two of mine and I have visited her blog too admiring her artwork and the followers she had. This is disgusting. Please take strict action here. It is an inexcusable offence.

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