How Often Should You Blog?

The Art of Blogging

For those of you who don’t have the time to read through this blog post: blogging is a conversation. You blog as often as it takes for it to still be a conversation.

Okay, now let me explain.

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5 thoughts on “How Often Should You Blog?

  1. I enjoyed this and definitely needed to read it! Every big time blogger offers the same advice, but few agree. I’ve read everything from every other week to once a week to start, and the. I’ve read the post, post, post all the time nonstop (which I think is too much and resembles gorilla advertising). But I get what you’re saying because you likened it to a conversation. That clicked. I’m an introvert, so for me I value quality over quantity when conversing, writing, etc. In other words, I finally know how to handle my blog post schedule as a new blogger. Thanks for this!

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