The last great extinction event on Earth?

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(Significantly edited on 9/19/18.)

It’s happening all around the world.  Once thriving oceans, seas, lakes, rivers are dying.  People are experiencing various forms of cancer at unprecedented rates.  Also hypothyroidism, diabetes, and other diseases are increasing in prevalence.  Then there are the dis-eases often categorized as mental disorders:  anxiety, depression, anger, and more.  What do all these things have in common?  All of these maladies, environmental and human, are either caused or exacerbated by one or more of the various forms of pollution which are rampant in our world today.

These forms of pollution include pollution of our water, air, earth, bodies, minds, and spirits.  Many types of corporeal pollution are listed above.  Regarding our minds and spirits, we are currently experiencing widespread pollution of human kind by greed, fear, hate and anger.  It only takes picking up a newspaper to find instances of this pollution at…

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One thought on “The last great extinction event on Earth?

  1. Well, people are living longer than ever so I’d chalk up most of that to extended lifespans for most of the human species compared to even 3 or 4 decades ago we live longer. That might have to do with the increase in health problems; when you live longer, you have more time to experience health issues before your body falls *completely* apart. Pollution not a good thing or anything but… yeah, seems like a lazy (or, well, at least a very incomplete) explanation imho. I do think we should pollute less but if we convince people to go along with that on false premises, it’ll hurt the anti-pollution cause more than it’ll help it to mislead people like that. When they find out they’ve been lied to about certain things they have a way of punishing the percieved liars, sometimes that punishment hits the mark and sometimes it hits nothing but scapegoats but either way, the punishment is part of the equation. The case as to why people should not pollute ought to be made as honestly as possible, as with anything else, imo.

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