Ten Thousand Hours

Nothing good falls into your hands, it’s why every day is so important

Think of every hour as a piece of paper, right, by itself very little weight, very little significance but committing to the grind every day causes each piece to stack up

And before you know it, you’ve transformed yourself and your ability and that’s what people don’t see, that stack being built piece by piece

What they see is the finish line as it’s crossed one by one, they see 30 seconds, they didn’t see ten thousand hours

But you did, it’s why you hold your head high

It’s why you can smile to yourself when people talk about you, quote on quote, being born with talent

It’s why you’re looking at them from the podium.

First of all, watch this video. Watch it a couple times, watch it as if it were more than just some words and some music. Watch it as if it’s more than something meant to pump you up for a bit. Listen to these words until they make you feel uncomfortable, until they make you see the pathetic attempts from your past, the weaknesses, the doubt, the procrastination. Wait until you feel so uncomfortable that you want to reduce everything to just pretty but empty words.

Your brain telling you that it’s okay to be average.

It’s okay to dream and wake up heartbroken each day.

To die with a ton of regrets.

To aimlessly wander through life.

It’s okay.

But is it, though?


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