Do You Want to Live a Beautiful Life?


“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” – Roman Payne

It seems to me that we spend most of our lives searching for beauty. We pursue happiness. We’re looking for that one person to cure us of the need for anyone else. To cure us of loneliness, self-doubt, or negative thoughts. We act as if we’re broken and someone or something is going to cure that.

But isn’t it true that we’re the ones who make life beautiful or not? Isn’t it true that only our thoughts can distinguish between happiness and suffering? That it’s all about us, about what we think and what we feel and what we see.

Are you trying to create a beautiful life for yourself? Are you doing your best to create the future that you’ve been dreaming about for so long?

Dreams don’t just come true. You’ve got to make them come true.

It’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as deciding that what you have is enough. It’s as simple as looking yourself in the mirror and accepting what you see. With all the good and the bad.

It’s all about the way your demons dance with your angels. It’s all about the way you manage life, the way you manage adversity and opportunity alike.

Make the best out of everything. Enjoy the small things. And fight.


Fight to create the life that you deem yourself worthy of having, because no one else is going to fight for it.

Dreams come true. Even though sometimes it seems that nothing happens. Even though at times it seems that you’re not really advancing. But you are. Day after day, as long as you fight, you’re getting better. It’s all just a matter of perception, really.

Sometimes progress is all about holding on. Sometimes all you can do is hold on tight to your dreams.

But you alone know what those dreams are and what they mean to you. You alone can make them come true, and you alone can decide how much are you willing to fight for them.

It’s all about you, I’m afraid. About your determination, about your ambition, about your courage. About your curiosity in face of the unknown, about you being able to face insurmountable odds.

It’s all you.

Just you.

And the beautiful life that you have imagined into existence.

10 thoughts on “Do You Want to Live a Beautiful Life?

  1. I love this. I love how you say sometimes all we can do is hold on because I feel like that’s what I’d been doing for months before getting the opportunity of a new job. And I was starting to feel really discouraged that I hadn’t made any progress.

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  2. Dear Cristian,
    I’ve read several of your articles and I’m impressed with your style and literary skill. I am honored that you chose one of my quotes for your article on the beautiful life. Your advice for all of us struggling with the human condition to let our demons dance with our angels couldn’t be more poetic or elegantly stated.
    Reading your articles, I feel a kinship to you; although at 27, you are the age I was when my first novel was published. Nevertheless, both of us traversed 14 years of writing, five books published, our first literary efforts about the city of Paris. We both dream(ed) of the Nobel Prize (although I would rather get it when I’m old, since that prize is “the ticket to one’s own funereal,” as TS Eliot accurately noted). Also, we both are (or, were) dreamers, magical realists for whom writing has lost some magic with reality creeping in the shadow of our years. I think, however, you have a bright future ahead of you. I’m inspired by what I’ve discovered of your work so far, and I’m happy to see from your comments that you have a following of readers who admire you. As for me, I am so lazy and aloof by nature that it almost never occurs for me to write a letter to compliment another writer; yet somehow you appear worth the effort. I am going to buy one of your books now, I look forward to reading it. Good luck to you, perhaps I’ll see you in Stockholm in thirty years to help you spend your prize money.
    Roman Payne

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  3. I love this! Its so true, I learned love myself in the last year and a half, and to forgive my ex’s but not forgotten, not for them, but for me my peace of mind, heart, and soul, I decided to live my life, to its fullest, and to be happy! Life is short 😊

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