Blogging is Dead, 10K Readers on WordPress…

Celebrating ten thousand readers on The Art of Blogging. Come join the party!

The Art of Blogging

When I told my blogging friends that I wanted to start a new blog to help others with their blogging, they all said I was crazy.

“Isn’t blogging dead?” asked my real-life friends, oblivious to the fact that blogging is still what I do for a living.

And, to be frank, just a few months before launching The Art of Blogging I had spend all my money on buying vlogging gear and transition towards the land of Youtube videos.

I was certain that blogging was dying. The world wanted less mentally strenuous ways of absorbing media, and that would eventually mean the end for blogs.

This was back in January 2018.

Nine months later, there are seven million more hosted blogs. But they all feel it. The ones who are just now starting out. They feel like they’re late to the game. The Internet is such a crowded place…

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2 thoughts on “Blogging is Dead, 10K Readers on WordPress…

  1. Blogging is an interesting format, especially since vlogging is becoming a very appealing and much more convienient equivalent for the modern consumer. That’s not to say, however, that blogging is a dying format. I completely agree with what you said in this article.

    Congratulations on the 10k reader mark!

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  2. People like to declare things dead, whole mediums, specific forms, specific platforms. Television, print books, novels, vinyl, blogs, wordpress…if you’re still enjoying the platform, using the medium, enjoying it, then hang in there. Things are often cyclical and come around again, sometimes tweaked and improved, sometimes as is. In any event, why would you stop blogging because someone who doesn’t blog thinks blogging is dead? That’s like someone who doesn’t have a pet declare ‘pet ownership is dead’; it might be their reality but it’s not yours!

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