Why You Must Climb That Mountain



“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time?

Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter?

Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? Because you were just not good enough? Or smart enough? Or you didn’t have the resources you needed?

Ever felt hopeless, seemingly destined to spend your life daydreaming about what would never be and what was and could no longer be?

Well…were you ever wrong? Did you ever think something that wasn’t real?

You know, those feelings are mistaken as well.

What we feel is not real. Fear is often an illusion. Limits are self-imposed. We are who we chose to be.

I keep writing this, over and over again, because it’s worth remembering, over and over again.

The mountain ahead is not the real test. The real obstacle. The real mountain is your mind. The sky isn’t the limit, your belief system is.

Failure is not fatal, but fear of failure might be.

Of course, you don’t die from it. Not right away in any case. But you are long gone when they’ll finally relocate you to a coffin.

Climb the damn mountain. Find a way or make one, if need be. Move the damn mountain if it’s standing in the way of your goals. Conquer your fears, for they are liars. They are telling you that progress is impossible. They are urging you to waste your life waiting for stuff to just happen to you.

That is not a life worth living.

That is not a life worth fighting for.

That is not life.

You create your own destiny.

You are the one who decides what is real and what is not.  You are the one who creates your own reality. So why create a reality in which you are scared? Hopeless? Insecure? Feel bad about yourself?

Create a reality that doesn’t just look good on the outside, but also feels good on the inside.

And you’ve got to conquer those damn mountains.

You have to overcome obstacles.

You have to face your fears.

You’ve got to hope. You’ve got to imagine. You’ve got to set goals and smash them.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

Don’t grow complacent. Don’t wish for comfort and security. Don’t compromise principles.

Be the best version of yourself.

Fight for that self and never stop fighting.

You know what you see when you reach the top of the mountain?

Imagine the view from the top… imagine having to struggle for a long, long time to reach it. Imagine the time and perseverance and countless setbacks. Imagine the fear, the sweat, the tears, the frustration, the anger, the pain…

Imagine the top. Imagine reaching it.

You know what you see?

A hell of a lot more mountains to conquer.


13 thoughts on “Why You Must Climb That Mountain

    • I think it’s more of realizing that the feelings ‘aren’t real’ in the sense that they are deceiving – they’re not legit, they’re not real, they’re not concrete. The negative feeling and thoughts are things that will keep us from achieving thus climbing higher. 😊🙏🏽

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  1. Sadly, Not all mountains we could climb over… climbing to the TOP and fall hard to the bottom! That’s what some would feel when they hit rock bottom!
    Need more courage to climb back up, or choose another mountain to climb…


  2. Loved this Cristian! The top of the mountain is achievable only if we get past our own self doubt and self negativity. We are our own worst critics, we need to get past that. We need to realize that we too can achieve it all, there’s absolutely nothing that’s out of our reach. There’s plenty of successful people that have come from nothing and with one dream, one idea, have managed to move that mountain and turn they’re lives around. They’re now living the life they had for themselves – it was once a dream, now turned reality. 😊🙏🏽

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  3. I really needed some motivation, since I’ve been stressing over my studies (Ancient Greek and French) and I’ve been thinking I’m just terrible at them, but after reading a few of your posts I’ve found some motivation and I want to keep pushing. Thank you.

    P.S.: May I reblog this in my blog? (with credit of course)

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