This is What Karma Truly is All About

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

Here’s a fun experiment for you to try: write down every single thing you do during an average day. In half hour increments. But be honest with yourself. Can’t write down: “from 9 AM to 5 PM – work.”

Be brutally honest.

You’re at work, but are you working or just aimlessly wandering the web?

How much time do you spend watching TV? On Social Media? Talking on the phone?

How much time you spend every day reading? Learning a new skill? Working on your dreams? Developing yourself?

Be honest.

This is karma.

We do these things day in and day out and then we expect something we haven’t worked for.

And the truth is that people don’t lie themselves about these things. No. They lack the self-awareness required to realize that they spend an awful lot of time being anything but productive. And even their choice of leisure activities is dumbing them down.

The lesson her is simple: we all have the lives we worked for. We get what we deserve. You can find yourself a lot of excuses, of course. You are free to do that, but it won’t change the life you have. It won’t change a thing, actually.

I am not here to give you advice on how to build a great life, or how to become who you’ve always wanted to be. It’s up to you go figure it all out, to set out on this journey of self-discovery.

What I do ask of you is this: accept responsibility for every single thing you have in your life. Whether you asked for it or not, whether you find it fair or not, it doesn’t matter. Accept responsibility for every single hand life dealt you, and then play it as if it were the hand you’ve always wanted.

That way you can change. You can adapt. You can overcome. You can evolve.


10 thoughts on “This is What Karma Truly is All About

  1. Loved this post. When people ask me how I’ve managed to write 5 books since 2012 with a full-time job and family, it’s because of this very post. I know how to prioritize and work for what I want. You have to put in the time–and know why you’re doing it. And try to be a good person along the way.


  2. I think our present society has issue with the stress of working hard to achieve. They hear that we should be happy all of the time and equate stress to digging the ditch to death, but true achievement that takes time usually takes some smart stress management.


  3. Sometimes when we do that, when we try to play the hand that life has dealt us, when we accept it and decide to make the most of it, we also need to accept that others may not play their cards in the same way. Say two people are given the exact same card and say that card is the ace of hearts. What is the likelihood of both of them playing it and at the same time? We each play according to our own rules and we cannot expect others to adapt to ours. Understanding and accepting this is key.


  4. I am going to do that – starting first thing tomorrow morning – keep a record of how I send my day – in half hour increments. Should be an interesting endeavor. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we ARE what we do… retired or not… every choice matters! Thanks for the suggestion, Cristian. <3


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