#00271: Practice

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Writing is not easy.
I don’t know where I got the impression that it was a simple task of throwing words on the page and voila!

I love the simple sentence of “practicing medicine/ practicing law”.
It signifies that this professional is in a continuous process of learning and relearning, trial and error, and no matter how long they spend doing what they do, they’ll always be considered “practitioners”.

Well, I’m a practicing writer.

Everything requires practice, though. Everything.
Be it virtues, skills – physical or psychological – using chopsticks or smiling when life tests your limits, everything comes down to practice.

Like the wind practicing silence before it unleashes the storm.
Like the ocean practicing its movement before unleashing the tsunami.
Like the caterpillar practicing its endurance as a cocoon before morphing into a beautiful butterfly.

What are you waiting for, friend? If you’re not doing so already…

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4 thoughts on “#00271: Practice

  1. Yes!!!! Yes!!! It’s all just a continuous cycle of creation presentation reception evaluation then recreation and so forth. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. You refine if you like, or create something new! People are too tooo tooooooooo caught up in the “end result” being perfect, but they have no idea the metaphorical blood sweat and tears that went into the thing! And kids just don’t know how to learn. They’re so used to being spoon fed everything. They don’t know the basics. And it’s so fucking infuriating and depressing! It leaves me weeping that I don’t know what to do. I know I must do something, but where do I do that thing? How do I do that thing? What even is that thing? I feel like I’m Ferdinand the Bull and I’ve just realised I am a bull and… I don’t know how to create but I know how to destroy… And I’m sorry, but I about to go on a rampage…


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