What is Life All About

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching. “ – Gerard Way

First of all, I’d like to tell you that there’s no good or bad in this world. It’s just people. And what they do. And what they say. And what they write. And what they choose not to do or say or write.

It’s that simple and that complicated.

It’s just the things that we do for us and the things that we do for others.

It’s what we’d like to be and what we really are.

It’s words versus actions.

It’s courage and faith versus fear. Versus over-thinking. Versus the sense of being irrelevant.

The idea that one man can only accomplish so much in the time that is given to him.

The idea that other people have been “blessed” with better looks, more luck, or the proper connections.

It’s about comparing yourself to others.

It’s about pursuing happiness instead of creating it.

It’s about becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be instead of trying to find that person.

It’s about the power you have.

It’s also about the power you choose to give away. To others. To the past. To the future.

It’s about going to sleep late at night, no matter how scared you are of nightmares. It’s about waking up in the morning, no matter how scared you are of your dreams.


23 thoughts on “What is Life All About

  1. I really liked this( as I do all your other posts) .At first glance,I agreed with it all, all but “First of all, I’d like to tell you that there’s no good or bad in this world.”

    So I am curious, I’d like to know, Do you really think so? How about the unexplainably good things that don’t involve people? such as Sunsets, White sand beaches, Savanas, Forests? Or the equally unacceptably bad things that don’t involve people like Natural disasters? I guess I am coming from the viewpoint that this world was here before we were , and in it,there was good and bad( maybe not right and wrong ). Or if we dig deeper , maybe the world was here, and in it there was just ‘good’-(nature) than could turn into bad-(natural disaster)?

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    • Good and bad are concepts. They are matters of perspective. And one cannot control everything but their own life. It is the choices you make that define your attitude and disposition.
      Perhaps what Cristian may be referring to is how one is perceived when they venture out into the public sphere when previously they were very private.
      Like good and evil. It’s only a point of reference. Beauty vs beast. Nice vs mean. Acute vs obtuse.

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  2. i like the post and what you’re saying for the most part, but i do have a fundamental disagreement; i believe there’s bad in the world. it’s disingenuous to say they’re just people.i think there is evil, and some choose to embrace it.

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    • But they are people just like us. They do not believe they’re evil. That’s the idea.

      Would you say you’re evil? Yet, you hurt people. To them, you are. Even though you would never think of yourself as evil. Maybe you don’t even think you hurt them.

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    • Evil is probably the ultimate most extreme form of “bad”. The universal concept of destruction and malice and intended torture and pain.
      Identifying the individuals who are mere puppets on a string! They just do what they need to do to get buy, to survive. And it’s unfortunate that there collateral damage just.. happens.. But the intention behind it… That’s what really makes something evil. If you want it to be evil. If you intend to cause pain and harm and devastation.
      And there are people who no matter what you try to do, they’re going to do whatever anyway. You can’t control how others perceive you, even if you meant well.

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  3. I loved this piece very much. Yes, there is duality in the world, and the studies I am currently doing show us that this is nothing new; it has been going on since the beginning of time. I am not sure why things happen as they do, but I just know it is nothing new. But that doesn’t mean that the world is evil. The world is the world, and it is people who live in it who seem to be disintegrating in their personalities. Maybe this all has a part to play out. Thank you very much Cris. Great writing!


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