Hell isn’t somewhere you go. Hell isn’t other people. Hell isn’t punishment for your sins or mistakes or pain you inflicted. No. Hell is something you carry with you. Hell is what stares back at you every single time you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Hell is every day you wish away by desiring to be someone else, somewhere else.

I am…

The most important words in the world, for what follows them creates your reality. Creates hell or heaven. Makes you feel awesome, like a force of nature, or as if you are not relevant, weak, ugly, stupid.

That is all, my friends.

That is all.

Simple, right?

Then why would you like to crawl through life, as if everyone else is better, as if you are not worthy. Why hate yourself? Why spend your days waiting for a day when it will all be over, when you’ll be finally happy, when you’ll feel loved.

It doesn’t work like that.

It never ends.

You have to fight. And keep fighting.

To be who you want to be. To define yourself. To create your own destiny.

Here’s the funny thing: you’d never have the guts to talk to others the way you talk to yourself. To be so mean, so critical, so judgmental. And, truth be told, the only person you can never get away from is yourself.

You can never travel far enough to run away from the unhappiness in your heart.

I am… the most important words, for what follows after them shapes your life. And unless you understand it all, you will go through life as if your destiny is governed by outside forces. By circumstances you could never change.

22 thoughts on “I AM…

  1. “Here’s the funny thing: you’d never have the guts to talk to others the way you talk to yourself. To be so mean, so critical, so judgmental” I’d never thought of it like that – very inspiring post – thank you Cristian :O) x

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  2. From a book by Jo Coudert, late actress and writer, from Advice from a Failure: “Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave nor lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.”

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  3. Incredibly true! I am… What? If we all stopped and listened to what our own minds were telling us we could easily fill in that blank with many negative massages that only serve to destroy us…ugly, fat, unloveable, unworthy, stupid, lazy, etc… But those are all lies having been initially told to us by others who did not want to see us succeed, did not believe in us, wanted to hurt us, or even believed in their own set of lies and passed them on to us… Whatever the reasons, we bought into them and made them our own truth, which were often reinforced by our own failures. But what we did not learn, or forgot, was all those positive things about us, and allowed them to second fiddle to, or even get buried under, all the lies. We can start finding those positive attributes again if only we take the time to bring them to the forefront and keep them there, and then tear down the lies. I am funny. I am loving. I am caring. I am responsible. I am a good person.

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    • Yes, we are all sacred, and we need to remember that always. We have learned from others as you have noted, ways to act or react so to speak, and they are the layers covering our innermost compasses in this life, which we need to rediscover. We also need to peel off those layers and allow ourselves to be the amazing people we are. If we were not meant to be here, we would never have come into being. The world itself is sacred and we are in it because we are meant to be, and we all have a purpose in life to fulfill, just as trees and plants and stones and the ocean and the air and clouds, etc. all have a purpose to fulfill. These are the things we need to focus on, for we ARE good, loving, caring, responsible, and yes funny and again, good!

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      • I like the word sacred. Whether we believe in a higher power or in nothing we must still believe that we are indeed sacred…and to that end we must honor that, which means treating ourselves with respect, and talking to ourselves with kind words, and telling ourselves the truth. When we do these things we find ourselves much happier and better able function in life.

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        • Yes, the word sacred doesn’t necessarily carry a religious meaning. It means that the universe is nothing less than a miracle, and the fact that we are in it on a planet that supports life such as ours is also another miracle. Even that very smallest grain of sand is a true miracle, and when it is moved, it sets in place a whole chain reaction, one we may not be aware of. The way nature all works together, and when it is destructive, it seems to bring new life into being much further down the lane. We tend to name and characterize things of this earth as weeds, good and evil, etc., but they are all just what they are. The action of people may be evil, but the people are just people, and we have no way of knowing what brought them to do the things they do, good or evil. Thank you kindly.

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  4. If you ever think about human beings or any life form, it is incredible that it all starts from the tiniest egg and sperm, and that the human body (and that of the creatures on this earth) are so amazingly complex as is everything in nature. It is really incredible that we come into this world (most of us anyway) with everything in its right place, and all the parts of our bodies working so well together – probably more complex than the most complex factories. And then our minds and how they grow from the tiny baby who cannot speak a word to a fantastic individual with a mind for solving all kinds of things and creating even more. It is worth it to be here for the adventure alone! Strange and wonderful world we have the privilege of living in. Can you even imagine how many miracles we witness every single day? That car we go to work in, and how incredible it is that our body can do all those things needed at the same time to drive the car. Everything around us is a miracle if you think about it. It is almost magic, and in fact, perhaps it IS magic of the truest type. Thank you all. Good topic, Cristian.


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