The Brightest Stars


“It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” – Richard Evans

Contrast. This is what this world is based upon. Good and evil, dark and light, suffering and happiness. It’s the only way to find a balance, the only way to equally experience everything.

I often tell myself, in times of struggle, that they are necessary. That those times are lessons. That, without them, I wouldn’t be able to evolve as a human being.

Evolution is not easy. It’s not even supposed to be. Evolution means fighting against overwhelming odds, so if it is for us to do more and be more, we must be prepared to fight the worst life has to throw at us.

Ironic, isn’t it?

At least that’s how I see it. Without pain and anger and suffering, we wouldn’t have compassion and love and patience.

Life is a balancing act.


7 thoughts on “The Brightest Stars

  1. Can you be sure that we need suffering to have non-suffering? To have war to make peace? All these words need to be considered if they are true, not just blindly accepted. Like the blindly accepted notion that we have to eat meat or how some blindly accept making others their slave or taking a child and making it obey a rule that makes no sense, but to the one shouting it…

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  2. There’s a story about two world famous conductors who went to hear this young soprano sing. They’d heard she was really good, and they were interested in maybe working with her one day. The first conductor walked away amazed at the young woman’s talent and said she was exactly what he was looking for in his next opera. The other was a little less impressed, and said, “She’s really good. But to put the pain and angst into my operas, she needs to experience some heartbreak in her life to draw from.”
    It’s the same with being an artist. As a young man I was a good writer. But I didn’t understand life till I got out there, had gone through moments of start terror, and months of loneliness and heart ache, when people were doing their level best to hurt or kill me, or to experience victory and lose that I really had anything useful to say.
    Before, it was just words.
    Now the words live.

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  3. I was thinking that the definition of what is truly difficult for us (or a challenge at least) in another country or culture might seem like child’s play. And if we lived in some of those environments, we would feel very different as to what is critical or difficult and what is good. It is a highly subjective thing, even within these United States where I live.


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