If you find yourself in a hole…

Sometimes I stumble upon a quote, and I fall in love. I feel compelled to analyze it, to find layer upon layer of meaning.

We are rarely aware of the fact that most bad things that happen to us are a result of our own actions.

We dig our own holes.

Yet, we act like everyone else is to blame. An indifferent Universe, a world ruled to act to our disadvantage. But the truth is that we dig our own holes. We are always responsible. We are always in control of our minds, reactions, words.

As they say, karma is how we respond to what other people do to us.

That’s what I think about when reading this quote.

If you find yourself in a hole…

Sometimes it feels like a surprise.

How did we end up here? How did we lose ourselves? How? Why? When?

The truth is that one small mistake after another, we ended up some place else than where we intended going.

First we make choices, then those choices make us.

Stop digging.

I love this subtle remark.

The hole was of our own making all along. Our predicaments, misfortunes, failures, adversities…

The fate is not in our stars, but ourselves.

Our outer world/appearance is a reflection of our inner world.

Years and years of neglect when it comes to our bodies, nutrition, rest, exercise will lead to certain diseases, even though doctors rarely point to our mistakes.

You gotta STOP digging.

This is the most important advice of them all.

We often further ruin our chances of overcoming adversity by getting emotional, taking even worse decisions, arguing with people, putting the blame on everyone but ourselves, or trying to change what was never ours to change.

Stop digging.

Calm down, assess your situation, try to be as rational as possible.

You know what will happen if you keep doing what you’ve always done.


9 thoughts on “If you find yourself in a hole…

  1. Will Rogers is up there with Mark Twain among the greatest humorists of all time. Especially in today’s world, we need humorists now more than ever willing to poke fun at all the crap and bring out the brutal honesty we need. And that quote there is very much in the line of a “kick in the pants” that everyone needs every so often.

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