Why strong people never have easy pasts

While working on a post titled “Emotional Immunity” as part of the Blogging Mindset series on The Art of Blogging, I came to the conclusion that even though a post on blogging, the main advice can be applied to every single aspect of life: online and offline, the real or the imagined.

Most people wish for safety and comfort, and they wish their lives away. The more they want comfort, the more discomfort they seem to get. In fact, it is their minds that grow bitter, weak, frail.

Luck, karma, whatever…

Strong people believe that they make their own luck. The harder they work, the luckier they get.

Weak people?

They think otherwise.

Outside factors don’t matter. They are beyond one’s control anyway. Why think of them? Why hope the tides of fortune turn, when you yourself have done nothing to prepare for such an eventuality?

Luck is such a relative term, and always dependant on one’s perception.

The struggle alone pleases us, not the victory.

Remember that.

If you are panicky about money, no matter how much you have, you’ll always feel like not having enough. In fact, the more you’ll have, the worse you’ll feel because you have more to lose now.

We go up, we go down, that is the way of the universe.

And we must never, ever fight against this, or try to imagine into existence a time or place when this rule does not apply anymore, because such a thing does not exist.

The lottery winner loses all his has gained because he did not have the emotional resilience to not be overwhelmed by his vast wealth.

As the saying goes, no sleep is worth a damn unless it’s earned.

What you fight for tends to last.

Also, the terrible cliche of “easy come, easy go.”

I do not advice you to wish for struggle, but that you should merely embrace it when it comes your way. And that you must understand the following aspect of living: if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. Do what is easy, and your life will be hard.

Embrace struggles as their own breed of opportunities.

As Marcus Aurelius so eloquently put it, the obstacle is the way. More often than you’d think.


21 thoughts on “Why strong people never have easy pasts

  1. Very true. We have to ,earn how to be comfortable with discomfort. Happy in being lost. We learn these things gradualky, through experience, if we are open to kearning

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  2. I remember a quote to this regard too, it says “opportunities are missed by most people because its dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work” – may not be verbatim – That says it all. Lying idle and building castles in the air is never gonna put things in place, we have to reach out to things, be adventurous and have a mindset that its never over.
    Life is a game of dim and climaxes.

    Nice read…

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  3. Very true. We have been taught to hide our struggles and by doing so we stifle our growth. We need to embrace pain and struggle and allow it to teach us the lesson. If we don’t we can count on revisiting the lesson and it may not come around so easy the next time.

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      • I am diagnosed with Autism Level 1… I have faced countless obstacles since early childhood… I was raised in an abusive household, experienced PTSD, had been in an assylum a few times, been slapped with labels left and right, numerous mental health diagnosises, etcetera… My labels, my numerous diagnosises, both past AND present, do NOT define me! They are NOT A misfortune! Quite the contrary, in fact! I am so grateful for every hurdle I face… The beginning of the story does NOT foretell how the story shall end… It matters not the hand you are delt in life, but what YOU MAKE OF IT! You hold the pen! You hold the power! You are the author of your life! You are much more powerful than you can even fathom…

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  4. I struggle with feeling like I have learned a lesson from difficult obstacles in life. Sometimes I say, “okay I understand why I went through this”, and Sometimes it just hurts too much. All I want out of life is a steady fulfilling career and a safe long-term home that is mine.

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  5. Well said, enjoyed the read. I believe that luck is something that we actually can partly control: Through hard work and facing obstacles we can create new opportunities. The more opportunities are out there, the higher the chance that we can score one of them.

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