I’ll be honest with you. This is something I tend to do. I take on more projects than I can handle, more stuff to work on, more than it’s possible for me.

I want to develop certain projects more than the resources available to me. To work for more than 24 hours a day.

Truth is, you can keep this rhythm up for a while, but then you begin to actively search for distractions.

Life feels like a balancing act. A well-adjusted individual seems to be our fantasy. You know, the kind of person who has just the right kind of time for the right kind of things. You have time to get in shape, to eat, to work, to go out with friends, to date. You have everything in just the right amount.

I’d say this is tricky. Not impossible, but tricky.

A balancing act.

You need to always be careful, to expand a great amount of mental energy unless you want it all to fall apart. Which sometimes it does. Take one piece away, and everything tends to break apart. The equilibrium is disturbed by the introduction of a new desire, by something that’s changed.

That’s why those who seem to live such charming lives oftentimes happen to lose something and then it’s all a game of domino. It was all kept together by the sheer chance of having all those things in the first place.

But I can tell you this. You can have anything you want in this life, but not everything. You can become great at one thing. Pick and choose. Dedicate your life to it, and you’ll be great.

That’s the real question. Most people deny this, most people tell themselves all kinds of bullshit stories about luck, talent, or whatever. No. Are you willing to sacrifice? It all comes down to this.

Want to be the world’s best writer?

Then write everyday for as much as possible. Lose friends, don’t date. Sleep is optional. All that stuff.

Athletes usually do this, and yet people are still stubborn to see their sacrifices, their monk-like existences.

Anything you want, you can have it, if you sacrifice for it.

But ask yourself? Are you willing to do it? To discard life’s other pleasures? To grind and grind until there’s nothing but pain left? Are you going to regret it? You are going to hate it, from time to time.

It’s just how it is.

And, paradoxically, anything else is a waste of time. A waste of who you are. Being lukewarm is no good, when you are trying to achieve something. It is determination and belief that wins most fights.

You just have to be honest with yourself and decide if you really want what you want, if it is necessary for your happiness.

That’s it.


  1. Very inspirational and interesting.. I say live do you and be happy while being you. Do what makes you happy!!!! Reach far and beyond and continue to be great. Set goals and execute. I do believe life is what you make it ..

    Keep climbing higher …

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  2. I can totally relate to this. Often times, the problem isn’t our inability to “do” everything, but instead, our beliefs about obligations. Once we eliminate what we don’t desire to do–like feeding others addictions–voila! we have more than enough time and energy for everything we want to do.

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  3. This is thought provoking and very cool – thanks Cristian. My dad told me something similar once when I was tripping out over not being successful creatively in my early twenties (and by successful creatively, I meant a tunnel-vision “gotta be published in a book to be successful”). Age has worn down my insistence on that particular route being the only one. I’m happy to throw my creative work online – particularly as the publishers keep throwing it back at me :P Maybe it connects with even one person who reads it – with one person who needed to feel less alone, or perhaps to feel something they hadn’t felt in a long time. That is still a success in my book.

    My grandmother told me I would not be the best at anything when I was about 7. I didn’t like it at the time, but in hindsight, I understood what she was getting at. It’s a hard business being best. That spot is coveted. It’s lonely at the top etc. Better to live life with vulnerability and childlike love – to feel deeply and share your experience with others. Be imperfect. Small victories. Small defeats. A lot of pleasure of assorted varieties in the in between.

    And I’m afraid… I daydream rather too much to focus on anything for any given length of time. As demonstrated by the fifty or so half-finished creative projects scattered around the apartment :)

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