This Is Keeping You From Being a Writer


I’ve been writing for over fourteen years. That’s half of my life. In the last seven years, I have written novels, short stories, scripts, published articles online and offline, so to speak.

I have rarely used to words ” wannabe” or “aspiring.” As a matter of fact, most of my friends know me as “the writer.” Not a writer, not just a writer, but THE writer.

This may seem like a simple thing, but it makes all the difference – if you want others to take your work seriously.

This begs the question:

What do writers do that the rest don’t?

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10 thoughts on “This Is Keeping You From Being a Writer

  1. My family life’s obligations that I daily have plenty to write about and of course my screenplay I find no time

    I just can’t right everytime I start to Wright I’m interrupted with some chaos
    I’m taking care of 884-year-old mother my father just passed away and I have so many emotions mixed emotions that I don’t know where to even start


  2. I think writers can articulate things in a manner of ways that make them interesting to read for everyone else. Well, that’s what I like to tell myself, because when I was getting my bachelors one of my assignments was to write a short story. My professor gave the entire class the same prompt, and of course those that are writers could describe a story, a moment or a feeling in ways that the rest of those that wrote about the same prompt could not. That was the very moment I knew I could write, and wanted to do so to express how I see the world and people in it.


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