“Life Notes”: A Letter To My Kids

Barefoot Mama Livin’

On a pretty day, always hold your hand out the window. Let the breeze coast through your fingers. Let your hand wave over the wind like a sailboat at sea. Feel the warmth of the sun radiate and linger on your skin.

When it’s raining, tilt your head back and feel the water roll down your face. Stick out your tongue and catch a few drops. Drink up the refreshing, ready-made beverage that God gave you. Taste raw and natural life in the most fluid of forms.

When it’s cold, build a fire. Smell the smoke and watch the vibrant orange blaze as it moves across the logs it is burning. Listen to its crackling and popping sparks- letting you know its capabilities. Feel the slow heat from the fire filling your home and your soul. Let it warm your heart.

When you’re sad, listen to something bluesy with a…

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