Blogging Mindset: If You Stand for Nothing, You’ll Fall for Everything

The Art of Blogging

Truth be told, I could sum up this post with a simple sentence: Fight for your ideas!

We can get technical, we can list tens of rules of writing, blogging, curating online content, sharing it on social media, we can talk about properly formatting your blog posts, or writing captivating introductions, but the truth is that if you do not believe in what you are writing, if you are not in this with all your heart, then it’s all for nothing.

Like those books on body language that teach you various trick on how to feel confident… well, it’s more like how to display confidence. The truth that they cannot admit because no one would buy such books is that if you are confident, truly feel at ease with yourself, then it does not matter how you stand, how you hold your hands, and all that.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Mindset: If You Stand for Nothing, You’ll Fall for Everything

  1. Real professional writers are fearless in their beliefs. I am too. Ive ordered a college textbook on creative writing. I’ve been out of college for a long time. I’ll be honest now. Formatting, tags, grammatical errors, all that computer stuff is a pain in my rear end. Writers write. Editors edit. Those are 2 completely different skill sets. If I make myself clear enough, if it’s understood, all that other stuff is not my major concern.


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