Self-Publisher? You must read this.


Those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that I’m, more or less, a one man operation. I write the books/stories, I do the interior formatting for both e-books (Kindle, Smashwords) and print books, I design the covers, and stuff like that.

Sometimes I do these kind of things for other writers too.


Everything, from book cover design to interior formatting, I had to learn to do by myself.

To be honest, I do enjoy this type of work. Sometimes I design covers for books I have yet to begin writing. That way I get motivated… strange thing. It’s something I had to learn how to do, granted, but it became a sort of passion of my. Typography and book design and all that.

If there are self-publishers among you who’d like to have a custom e-book designed by me, you can check this link out here.

My aim is to do some great work, increase my portfolio, so the prices are really low, considering that you get the full package for only $199.99: you get both e-book and paperback covers, interior formatting for both Kindle and paperback, and a total of three revisions(three different designs to choose from).

If you like my style when it comes to covers (I’m a big fan of minimalism, black, stuff like that) it would be a great idea to work together on your book.

You can find the book design package here.

I am offering developmental editing, if you need help with your manuscripts. That means structure, plot, character arcs, you name it. A substantial editing package.

The price is $399 regardless of the size of the manuscript.

Review$99.99 $49.99 –  Have you written a book? Do you want to reach a potential audience of over one hundred thousand people? Purchase a review from my e-store hereand I’ll read and review your book on my blog.

A few reviews done by me:

Spirits of Christmas: The Dark Side of the Holidays

Serpents Underfoot by D.C. Gilbert

Game of Killers by Charles Purcell


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