Do you want everyone to believe in you even though you don’t believe in yourself? Do you want people to support you even though you haven’t done anything to earn that support?

Do you think the world doesn’t notice you for who you are? Do you think the world cares about the way you talk about your dreams and goals? Do you think everyone else doesn’t see you procrastinating instead of being dedicated to your dreams?

Sure, you can whine and moan about it and get some fake sympathy from fake friends who’ll laugh at you behind your back.


Isn’t it better to work every single minute of every single day to improve yourself? To feel good about yourself? One hard thing after another, that’s how you earn confidence…

And, guess what?

The world changes its opinion of you the day after you do.

Never forget that.

Those hurtful things the non-believers tell you, those things hurt because they are likely true. You wish they weren’t, but…

Next time someone calls you fat, lazy, unmotivated, stupid, work twice as hard to prove them wrong. To prove yourself right, to step outside of the image that they have superimposed and become who you know you are, the true self that you have been hiding for long enough.

So, who do you want to be?

What are your goals?

What is is that you want to become?

And do you really need someone else to take you by the hand and show you your own potential?


Learn to enjoy the struggle, to appreciate the climb, not just to daydream about reaching the top of the mountain.

And remember, always remember, that it is not the climb that breaks you, but the pebble in your shoe. Not the dogs that bark along the road, but you stopping every single time to throw rocks at them.


Who do you want to be? And why aren’t you doing your best to become that?


13 thoughts on “Non-Believer

  1. Every time I plan to do something, I always find a way to talk myself out of it. I do not believe the goal should be to prove others wrong, but to prove myself worthy, for me. I know you have to get motivation from somewhere in order to start, and if the motivation comes from the negative talks around you then good, great even. It’s just that sometimes we work so hard at proving others wrong that we end up losing ourselves. Great post as always Mihai.

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