10 Movies That Were Better Than The Book


“Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes.” – John Le Carré

A lot of writers sell the rights to their books to producers who seem to have nothing but the best intentions for their works. Unfortunately, most often than not, the end result is nothing but disappointing.

Indeed, on rare occasions, the opposite is true: the adaptation improves greatly the source material. Here are 10 movies that are better than the book they were based upon.

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3 thoughts on “10 Movies That Were Better Than The Book

  1. I’m usually pretty hard on movies adapted from books, but I agree with these in the cases where I’ve read the source material (“Jaws”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Princess Bride”). I would add a couple more, like “Ready Player One” and “Watchmen”, though I won’t cop to preferring the “Watchmen” film when around people who read comic books. 😉 Also, I thought the film version of “Stardust” was as good as the book, but different.

    The list of movies that I thought were inferior to the book is much longer …

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