Regret is going to break your heart

Your brain is kinda dumb. I mean, all it’s trying to do is keep you alive. It’s incredibly good at it. Food, shelter, sex…

That’s why the plethora of mental issues we’re struggling with as we try to navigate through what our brains consider to be unhealthy and complicated lifestyles.

Is the goal to survive? I’d like to think that our goal is to thrive. Survival is weak. Survival has become increasingly easy.

Or better yet. Think of it this way: do you want to be the hero of your own story? Your life’s story? You’d be surprised at how many people act as if they are the villains of their own stories, or a minor character. No. You can write your own story, and you better live a life that is worth writing about and worth listening to.

But let’s just say that you do just the work that is enough to survive. You call it a living. You compromise. You find comfort in strange addictions. You avoid mental conflict, exhausting yourself, or doing the right thing too often. You rationalize a lot of the ideas that are uncomfortable…

What are you going to feel like when it will be too late to change anything? When it’s almost over?

People waste years and years and then, on their deathbeds, they beg for moments.

Don’t be one of those people.

Live life on your terms, because you’re the one who has to die when your time comes.


17 thoughts on “Regret is going to break your heart

  1. Yes, your advice is sound – – – and I recommend it! Striving to live a life without regret is the reason my husband and I are happily retired, but constructively engaged in Montana, where he skis and fishes, and maintains a beautiful house and yard while I enjoy writing and cooking, entertaining and volunteering, and using my good china and beautiful silverware everyday! We are gratefully thriving, driving our ATV over countless mountain trails with wonderful adventurous friends, and living a life worth writing about. Being of sound mind, we are happily using up our children’s inheritance! It’s wonderful! ❤

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