The Internet is free, right?

One of the biggest issues content creators on the web face is how to monetize.

If you think about it, how does one earn a living from sharing free content on the Internet?

Because people have come to expect content to be free. From YouTube videos to e-books, courses, blog posts, everything is supposed to be free, and we, as creatives, seem to enjoy the exposure and popularity that comes with this.

Not many folks could afford to pay a monthly subscription to a blog.

And, truth be told, I like to share as much of my content for free.

That being said, I am just as human as you are, and I need to eat, pay rent and bills, and use currency for other goods and services.

I think that even though I get my fair share of hate from time to time from certain individuals, the donation system works perfectly.

Do you enjoy my content enough to leave a donation? Great. Can’t afford to? No worries. The content is still available for free, so you’re not missing out in any way.

So, yeah. The content is free, but the content creator is not free from needing a bit of income to cover expenses.

So, yeah, if you think I add value to your life, do consider leaving a small donation via Paypal here.


6 thoughts on “The Internet is free, right?

  1. Yeah, it makes perfect sense!

    Personally, I’m writing in order to build a following so I can prove that my writing can build and hold a crowd, which should lead to money making publishing opportunities. For that reason, it’ll be a long time before I consider monetising my work here.

    I definitely got a couple extra wedding presents on the back of my writing, though!

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  2. Hey, Cristian! Great post. Have you ever considered opening a Patreon account? Some ideas could be that you release a blog post on that a day or two before here, or maybe exclusive content, or just use it as a place to post and collect donations from people.

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