Perfectionism and Procrastination

“Don’t let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.”Danielle LaPorte

Fear. Often an illusion, a self imposed limit. Wanting perfection yet fearing that the outcome of our endeavor might fall short of it is the very definition of procrastination.

Yet we all do it.

We all postpone the most important and relevant decisions.

We fail to act because we believe there’s a future when we won’t be afraid. We’ll be better.

Well, there is no future. Not yet.

And you’ll never be better if you don’t start now.

Just do your thing. Don’t think. Just do your thing.

Sounds stupid? Reckless? Naive?

Maybe it is, but the simple truth in this world is that those who wait for the perfect moment get beaten by those who are so stupid and reckless and naive that they don’t.

Enough said.

Let’s get some stuff done.


  1. Procrastination has actually taught me lots of lessons. A major one being forgetfulness. When I postpone an issue, I tend to forget about it completely and even when I write it down, I might also miss out some points I would have gotten if I had just done the supposed thing at that point in time.

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  2. The little steps that we can do to change everything and overcome each of our own internal battle against procrastination, this is to change how we “word” it. Enough of the what ifs and just do it. I wrote some content on how we can overcome procrastination, you can check it also in my blog. Your post really inspires me.

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