What Doesn’t Kill You…

…usually makes you wish it did.

Letting go or holding on. Two of our most defining reactions. And they couldn’t be more different.

Holding on to pain(or the memory of it), holding on to regret, to bitterness…

We waste an awful lot of energy thinking about the past -as if we didn’t know that it can’t be changed. We hold on tight to that which can never be changed. It is all a matter of choice. Strength, courage, dignity, all of them are choices. In fact, we choose who we are every single day. Even our most simple of decisions end up shaping who we are.

But, ultimately, the truth is that you are who you decide to be. You are what you think, what you feel, what you say, what you do.

And, yes, it does seem at times that we have no choice, no real power.

That life just happens to us.

It’s not true. We do have a choice, even when it seems we don’t. There’s always a choice.

So… What doesn’t kill you won’t make you anything until you decide.

You choose if it makes you stronger, weaker, or leaves you afraid for the rest of your life.

When bad things seem to happen for no particular reason, you are the one who decides what is what and has the ability to construct meaning from the experience.

Some people either win or lose. Others win or learn.

Your choice.


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