The New Normal; The rise after the fall…

The Geiger counter had been silent for the last mile, she tapped it with a gloved finger in an attempt to make sure it was still working, “Levels normal” it chirped. She looked around the ruins of what used to be a small town, long before the fall. Taking an apprehensive breath she lowered her breather and lifted her goggles, breathing in the hot dry air around her. Letting the Geiger counter hang from its strap against her side she took in the state of the town around her, nature had taken over was left of it. The fall had killed off all vegetation and left the world outside the settlements a barren waste. She proceeded to the nearest building, eyeing the faded blue block letters, welcoming her to Gerome’s General Store. She grabbed the handle of the front door and pushed in, the whole thing toppled forward with a…

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