About Defeats

0707ashc9 455x600“Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone.”John Steinbeck

To paraphrase another American writer, life breaks us all. Whether we want it to or not. And, yes, some are stronger at the broken places. Some are not.

We are defeated simply because there’s a lot more to learn from defeat than from victory. Grief, pain, and anger only serve as lessons.

It’s necessary. For us to evolve, for us to ask ourselves if it’s in our powers to change something.

About ourselves. About the world around us. Or the people in it.

You know the saying that the only true constant in life is change? Well… oftentimes change is painful. We are still terrified by the unknown, by what it represents.

Sometimes you have to abandon who you are and build a new you. Sometimes your past becomes just another story – something that happened to someone else. A long time ago.

What I really want to say is this: do no be afraid of defeats.

You will be. And it’s going to hurt each and every single time. But a part of you should focus on what has to be done, on the future, on what’s going to happen.

I’m not particularly talented or anything. At writing, I mean. Or blogging. Or anything else, actually. I never started something and realized that I was naturally better than those around me. All I have is perseverance.

Which also translates that whenever life defeats me, I get sad or angry or depressed or whatever, but then I get up and get on with whatever it is that I want to do. I act like a cry-baby sometimes, I’ll admit. But deep down I know that I won’t give up, no matter how hard the situation is. Don’t ask me why I do this… I just do.

It’s not pretty, it’s not noble or anything.

I think I never really learned to lose. I don’t like to lose, actually. I don’t like to be told “no.” I don’t give up, I don’t back down, and all the things that I ever let go off have claw marks on them.

Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not. Who am I to give life advice anyhow?

But the truth is this, life will defeat you. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. No matter how cautiously you try to live your life, how much effort you put into pleasing everyone… there’s a defeat waiting just around the corner.

Because the metaphorical “fall” happens even to those who never really aspire to reach the top of the mountains. Keep your feet on the ground at all times, try not to move, and you’ll still fall. Because someone is going to think that you’re standing in their way. And they’ll probably run you over.

That’s another inexorable truth of human existence: life happens. Whether you want to or not. Stuff happens. All those folks around you are making things happen. And they affect you.

That being said, failure is inevitable. I’m sorry, but it is. On the other hand, giving up is optional.


9 thoughts on “About Defeats

  1. When I look back, I remember the times I fucked up and how I learned from them. Success is great, and we all strive for it, of course. But if you never made a mistake to begin with, odds are you won’t have that success you crave later because you didn’t learn anything.

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  2. “All the things I ever let go of, has claw marks” nice! Thats a meaty statement. I just wrote about hope, it is a powerful entity. I like the saying that went with it as well ‘mankinds greatest weakness and greatest strength’ it is all in how you invest it. 🙂

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